Japanese Robot Pro-Wrestling Invades RoboGames 2015 (Video)

Robot Pro Wrestling Dekinnoka 23 Thunderbolt VS Ryuketsu Kamen YouTube

Robot Pro Wrestling during RoboGames 2015 in San Mateo, California. Ryuketsu-Kamen, piloted by Yoshifumi Omata, and Thunderbolt, piloted by Yoshihiro Shibata face off in the ring to give the crowds a taste of what real robot pro wrestling in Japan is like.

Omaha and Shibata love introducing their humanoid entertainment robots to children of all ages in hopes that it will inspire some of them to get involved in robotics and STEM learning opportunities, or even purse a career in engineering or science. They are so dedicated that they took vacation time off from their regular day jobs, bought plane tickets, and flew half way across the globe just to compete in RoboGames.

Via: Robot Pro-Wrestling Dekinnoka!23 -Thunderbolt VS Ryuketsu-Kamen- - YouTube #robotsdreams
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Robot Japan US Tour 2012 at RoboGames – April 20-22nd (Video)

You've seen them on YouTube, now's your chance to experience the thrills and excitement in person. The Robot Japan US Tour 2012 will be staging performances at RoboGames in San Mateo, California this April 20th, 21st, and 22nd.

The daily exhibitions are scheduled to include robot skits, dancing, and will feature Robot Pro Wrestling matches with the top Japanese robot wrestlers going head to head in the ring.


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UK Gadget Show Visits Japan

120311 Gadget Show Robot Pro Wrestling A 1

The popular UK Gadget Show TV program was in Tokyo over the weekend for some hands-on time with our favorite humanoid robots. The geek and high tech gadget lovers program, hosted by Jason Bradbury and Polly Woodward, boasts a dedicated audience of around 1 million viewers.

This particular episode, the debut for the show's new season, is scheduled to hit the airwaves in the UK on April 23rd. I also have some behind the scenes videos that will be posted after the show airs.

Via: The Gadget Show

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Toku Toku Maru Brings Joy for Christmas (Video)

111225 Robot Pro Wrestling 10 31

Azusa Amino, the creator of Toku Toku Maru and one of the top ROBO-ONE humanoid designers since his college days, has a wonderful sense of humor and unbridled creativity. His talents extend far beyond robotics. It seems like he is constantly exploring new technology applications and building leading edge devices, like multi-prop autonomous helicopters.

Since the recent Robot Pro Wrestling Dekinnoka 10! event was held on Christmas Day, and he knew that there would be lots of robot loving children in the audience, he came up with a surprising, and surprisingly cute, fusion of robots, technology, and the spirit of the season.


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Robot Pro Wrestling Dekinnoka 10! – Nagare Gold vs. Thunderbolt (Video)

111225 Robot Pro Wrestling 10 40

It isn't an accident that Nagare Gold bears a distinct resemblance to Godzilla in robot form. In fact, it even roars like Godzilla. But Thunderbolt, the latest creation of ROBO-ONE humanoid robot designer Yoshihiro Shibata, doesn't get intimidated easily. And, he's got a few tricks up his sleeve - or, more accurately, mounted on the top of his head. I don't want to give away any spoilers, but you would be well advised to watch the video of their Robot Pro Wrestling match below very closely around the 5:50 mark.


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Robot Pro Wrestling 10 – Rumble (Video)

111225 Robot Pro Wrestling 10 55

Rumbles have become a tradition at most robot events here. The first one I can remember seeing was during an early ROBO-ONE competition in 2004. The concept is simple. Usually all of the robots start off in the ring and try to push, shove, or kick their opponents out of the ring without falling out themselves. Sometimes, when there are a large number of robots, their entry into the ring can be staged.

For a highly produced event, like Robot Pro Wrestling Dekinnoka 10! there may even be script or storyboard. Rumbles, either free form or scripted, are hilariously funny.


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Robot Pro Wrestling Dekinnoka 10! Main Event

111225 Robot Pro Wrestling 10 44

As I mentioned before, Christmas Day for me here in Japan involved one of the most over-the-top robot events in the world, Robot Pro Wrestling Dekinnoka 10!

The competition is pure robot entertainment, a robotized version of professional wrestling that includes all of the fun, excitement, thrills, and laughs of its human counterpart. The major difference is that no blood is spilled and no brains are scrambled.

Luckily, I had a ringside seat for the Main Event, pitting MONSTER against SAAGA, and am able to share the video with you below.


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