Femisapien Robot a Big Dance Hit (Video)

Femisapien robot dance

We have to admit that we were skeptical when WowWee targeted the Femisapien robot at young girls. But, after seeing what the Milford School pupils were able to accomplish with their Femisapiens, and how enthusiastic they are, we confess we were wrong (video below). WowWee’s marketing strategy for the Femisapien just might be right on target.


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Robot Sightings: Heavy Duty Hexapod, Tilden Expounds, Robot Farmhands, and more…

What's going on today in my crazy robot world?

Robotically posted for Lem by LoudTwitter

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New ROVIO Robot Webcam Tutorials (Video)

rovio robot navigation tutorials

We're a big fan of the WowWee ROVIO robot mobile webcam and frequently discover new uses for this innovative product. We've even started to use it as handy portable web conferencing tool since it's light enough to pick up and carry around the office to give our remote co-workers close up views of new projects.

At the same time we understand that new ROVIO owners, especially those that aren't 'geeks', might need a little guidance in setting up and using the robot. So we were very glad to see that Evolution (developer of ROVIO's Northstar navigation system) and WowWee have put together some new, and very helpful, video tutorials (see videos below).


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ROVIO Meets The Bomb Squad (Video link)

rovio robot meets the bomb squad

We knew that ROVIO, the new WowWee mobile webcam robot we reviewed a couple weeks ago, was going to capture a lot of media and public attention, but it never occurred to us to put it head to head with robots from the police bomb squad!

That's exactly what KGO-TV, the San Francisco ABC station did in their "Cell phone controlled robot" news video feature yesterday. How did ROVIO fare? Extremely well. While the KGO-TV reviewer did have some small concerns, the review is very positive and sure to gain a lot of new fans for the innovative robot.

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ROVIO Hackers Rejoice!


The new WowWee ROVIO mobile webcam robot hasn't shipped in volume yet, though there are reports popping up on the net of users getting early units, and so far they are all extremely positive. Some owners have already started to hack this innovative robotic platform, and WowWee seems totally committed to supporting and promoting their efforts.

The company has already released a down-loadable detailed 44 page manual documenting the complete ROVIO API interface. Based on quick read through of the manual, we think the ROVIO should be easy to operate under program control and to interface with custom programs.

Let the games begin!

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Our 15 Minutes of Robot Fame

rovio robot interview on future tense 2

Andy Warhol's famous line about everyone getting "15 minutes of fame" came to mind this week when Jon Gordon, the host of Future Tense, called to talk about the new ROVIO mobile webcam robot from WowWee. Look for the 'MP3" towards the top of the Future Tense post to download the audio interview.

Of course in our case it was more like 2 minutes of fame, but we still felt very honored and lucky to be a part of Jon's popular radio program. We're regular listeners to Future Tense, via iTunes, and find it to be an excellent source for interesting and sometimes thought provoking technology news. The program, which is produced by American Public Media, is broadcast daily and is a regular feature on CBC's "As It Happens" radio program. 

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