Emulating The Human Body With Robotics (Video)

Philippe Kervizic with Robotics Business contributed another interesting video from last week's InnoRobo show:

According to Philippe:

"It is a very great flexible robot. The Robot Studio is a company that works with 4 universities since 6 years to develop this robot. They copy all human mechanical parts to replace muscles by motors. All bones, joints and movements are copied: one motor, one rope and a flexible part is used for every human muscle. When a muscle isn't used, it is flexible.

There are no applications, it is a research project to understand how it works.

After a full working day at the exhibition, the robot is tired and has to get rest (to lie down) to make its bones back to original place, they have to replace some tendons (ropes and flexible part) everyday."

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GENIBO Dog Robot at InnoRobo 2011 (Video)

DasaRobot (Korea) was exhibiting its GENIBO dog robot at InnoRobo 2011 in Lyon, France last week, and Philippe Kervizic of Robotics Business was kind enough to send in this video footage of the performance:

GENIBO appears, in many ways, to be quite similar to the discontinued SONY AIBO canine robot, but according to the company it was deliberately designed to be more "dog-like" in appearance and behavior. It also lists at a significant discount below the old AIBO price tag.

So far we haven't had the opportunity to road-test the robot, and haven't caught sight of one in any of the robot shops and exhibitions here. Hopefully we'll have the chance soon.

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Let's Get Ready To Robot Rumble! Mech Warfare at RoboGames 2011

Giger alien tonemapped

A little over two years ago, just prior to RoboGames 2009, Andrew Alter and a few of his colleagues were toying around with the idea of battling robots, both multi-legged and humanoid. Since they were all dyed-in-the-wool Mech fans, they naturally thought it might be a lot of fun to try and stage a "Mech Warfare" competition.

Their first attempt turned out to be more fun, and much more of a challenge, than they ever dreamed. They did manage to stage some battles and certainly proved the concept. More important, they generated tremendous interest and excitement. Robots stomping through downtown, ambushing the opposing forces, fighting to the death using bullets (air-soft pellets), giving and asking no quarter. The excitement, and the adrenaline/testosterone was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Suddenly the other robot builders started to stand up and take notice. They wanted to play too!


One year later at RoboGames 2010, Mech Warfare had grown up quite a bit. The playing field was professionally constructed and looked just like a real city, albeit in miniature. The bots were better too. Their builders had learned a lot from the first competition and incorporated all their learning into their new creations.

Next month, on April 15th through the 17th, they're going back into battle. But this time there's a major difference. Mech Warfare at RoboGames 2011 in San Mateo will be the first time that battle robots designed from the ground up will take the field. These 3rd generation Mech's are hot for blood and they come completely equipped to win, no matter what. There are already 21 robots officially registered to compete, and there is still a week before the registration closes.

This is one competition you won't want to miss! We'll be there all three days, from the time the doors open until they kick us out at night. Be there!

Photo credit: Giger - Andrew Alter

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Rear Projection isn't a Robot nor a Hologram (Video)

Manchester Airport has installed virtual assistants that some passengers, and the public, are mistaking for holograms or even actual human staff. The technology is readily available rear projection images on a substrate in the shape of the actor, and has been actively promoted by companies like 3M.

While the virtual assistants are positioned as facilitating and informative, they also help companies eliminate the need for actual employees and decrease costs. From the company, and investors/shareholders perspective that's a very positive strategy, though I doubt that employees share the same feelings.

It won't belong before we see virtual assistants replacing the friendly smiling Walmart greeters...

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Who's the Fastest Robot? (Video)

Ever wonder what the fastest robot might be? Can an i-SOBOT outrun a Robonova? Does a MANOI have the heels of Mercury? Can a Robo-Reptile out-sprint a Bioloid? What's your best guess? Who would you put your money on?

We won't spoil all the fun by revealing the robots name, or the competition here. You're going to have to watch the race in its hilarious entirety, including all the grins, giggles, energy and totally robotic chaos to enjoy it for yourself:

Fastest humanoid robot race

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