8th Kondo KHR Robot Anniversary Celebration Schedule Announced

kondo robot

The 8th Kondo KHR Robot Anniversary event will take place in Tokyo on August 4th (Saturday) and 5th (Sunday). Competitions will include Kondo Battle KHR Class which follows the standard ROBO-ONE competition rules, and KondoCup Robot Soccer.

Since this event celebrates the anniversary of the popular Kondo KHR humanoid robot series, it will feature the KHR classifications for all competitions.

The event will be open to the public, and admission is free. The venue is the 3331 ARTS CYD facility at 11-14 6-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Sotokanda, in the Akihabara district just a few minutes walk from the Kondo RoboSpot location.

Via: Kondo-robot.com news

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Mech Warfare Hardcore – Rocket Fuse

This is one of the fuses used to fire the rockets mounted on the robots competing in Mech Warfare Hardcore during RoboGames 2012.

Basically, it's small light bulb with a protective tape cover. The bulb glass is carefully broken without damaging the bulb filament.

When the robot controller board receives the rocket firing command it applies current to the bulb. The filament heats up igniting the rocket.

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3D Printed Quadcopter

Printed Quad with RADAR mount by x2800m
Printed Quad with RADAR mount, a photo by x2800m on Flickr.

Curious friends have been asking, "What would you do with a 3D printer?" This RepRap printed quadcopter by x2800m should answer that.

I'm not sure if he has, or intends to, share the quadcopter design and STL files, but that's really irrelevant. The important thing is knowing that it is possible. Designing, debugging, flight testing, and improving my own is all part of the fun.

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Robot Duo Looking For Trouble

120420 RoboGames 2012-4 by Robots-Dreams
120420 RoboGames 2012-4, a photo by Robots-Dreams on Flickr.

Insanity Wolf and Zot gave a glimpse of the future of robot battle at RoboGames 2012.

Zot is one of the powerful, agile humanoid robots developed by Farrell Robotics that took home medals at the world's largest open robot competition held in San Mateo, California last month.

Insanity Wolf, a dual airsoft gun equipped quadroped robot operated remotely using a head mounted wireless camera, was designed by Andrew Alter, the primary driving force behind Mech Warfare.

Edit [5/9/2012]: Corrected Zot's name.

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Workhorse MakerBot 3D Printer At iheartengineering

iheartengineering found that the key to producing large parts without warping was to maintain a stable ambient thermal environment.

This was especially true because their offices are located in a converted brick warehouse building with concrete floors, lots of drafts, and inconsistent heating during the winter.

To deal with the unstable office temperatures, and to make sure that any objectionable vapors given off by the MakerBot were exhausted outside the building, they constructed a simple housing and venting system.

3D printer

As a part of the venting design they needed a part to mate between the housing and off the shelf ducting. So they did what any self-respecting engineering firm would do - they quickly designed the part they needed, using open source CAD software of course, and printed it out on the MakerBot.

The special housing allows them to run the 3D printer continuously for hours, and sometimes for days, on end. The stable temperatures result in consistent prints as well as allowing them to produce parts as large as the MakerBot workspace will allow.

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Robot Japan Robots Meet LIZLAND (Video)

120419 Lizland Robot Japan 18

The Robot Japan Team spent the morning building a performance stage at RoboGames 2012, including a Robot Pro Wrestling ring, then went sightseeing in San Francisco. That evening Liz Mamorsky was gracious enough to invite the whole team to a reception at her unique art studio and workshop in San Francisco.

While the Japan team was surprised and delighted with the Lizland robots and other works of art, Liz was totally over the top when they pulled some robots and a quad-copter out of their backpacks and started a robot performance on the spot.


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