More Human-like Robot Walking (Video)

walking robot

It seems like suddenly we have a competition going on to see who can produce the most life-like humanoid robot walking routines.

Here's the latest entry into the fray from Ikaziso using the V-Sido system:

It is pretty realistic, though it does tend to resemble a fashion model strutting her stuff down the runway at times. In any case, I totally appreciate and applaud their efforts and their willingness to share the results with us via YouTube. Hopefully they will share more of the underlying secrets as well.

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Biped Robot Walks Just Like A Human Being (Video)

walking robot

Dr. Guero, famous for his bicycling robot, has fine-tuned/hacked a Kondo KHR-3HV humanoid robot to walk with a gait that is so close to an actual human being that it's spooky.

Knowledgeable robot developers will immediately notice some of Dr. Guero's changes, including the surprisingly small footprint. It appears that he has been able to achieve smooth walking, even on a smooth slippery floor, using feet that are essentially small aluminium brackets rather than the larger stock feet supplied by Kondo.

So far the only data available is included in the description field of the video he uploaded to YouTube a few hours ago. Hopefully he'll share more details on his website, or in a future RoboCon magazine issue.

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ROPO-1: ROBO-ONE Parody Event

130114 ROPO-1-56 by Robots-Dreams
130114 ROPO-1-56, a photo by Robots-Dreams on Flickr.

An active group of ROBO-ONE robot builders staged a great parody event on January 14, 2013 here in Tokyo, poking fun, and paying homage, to the preeminent humanoid robot competition worldwide.

More than anything else, their primary objective as to have fun and enjoy robotics with anyone, and everyone, connected with the sport.

Here's the photoset from last Monday's competition:

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Robot Japan 5 – Photo Set

130106 Robot Japan 5-25 by Robots-Dreams
130106 Robot Japan 5-25, a photo by Robots-Dreams on Flickr.

The Robot Japan competitions get better and better each time. The 5th bi-annual event, held last Sunday in Tokyo, was the best competition yet from all aspects. The professionalism, showmanship, energy, and excitement was absolutely fantastic.

Here's my photo set of the afternoon. I'll be posting several videos of the action on the Robots Dreams YouTube channel ( also.

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3D Printed Humanoid Walking Robot

Walker 1

When I visited Makerbot Industries last month I came away with some of the windup walker mechanisms for a special project I have in mind.

The first step was to create a 'negative' model of the space needed by the walker mechanism. That took a few attempts, but finally I managed to get the dimensions and geometry close enough to be functional.

Walker 3

Then I modeled a shell for the robot. In this case it was extremely simple - just a proof of concept. Once I had the shell modeled, I subtracted the negative model, exported the STL, sliced it using Slic3r 0.8.2 (corrected 8/2/2012), and printed it on my Tantillus RepRap printer.

Walker 2

The print turned out very well and only required some minimal cleanup to remove a few stringers inside the shell. The walker mechanism slipped in perfectly the first time, and the robot was off and walking.

Now I can get creative and design some shells that actually look like a robot. :)

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