‘Battlebots’ Set To Burn Up The AIrwaves On June 21st

Battlebots reboot will air on ABC June 21st

Battlebots, the modern day robotic version of ancient Roman gladiator combats in the coliseum, will hit the airwaves via ABC on June 21st broadcasting at least six episodes. The program producers are promising a much richer and deeper viewing experience with lots of ‘behind the scenes’ segments to hopefully create more of a bond between the robot creators and their viewing fans.

Unfortunately those of us living outside the U.S. will have to wait until the series makes it to iTunes or does an individual deal, country by country, for rebroadcast.

Via: 'Battlebots' reboot will air on ABC June 21st #robotsdreams
More information at Robots Dreams

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Huge Real Robot Battle Robots on Display at Nippon TV in Tokyo

ロボット日本一決定戦 リアルロボットバトル|日本テレビ 

Nippon TV is gearing up for the Real Robot Battle program, scheduled for broadcast here in Japan on Friday, December 13th starting at 7:00 pm. The humanoid robot competitors have been designed, and will be piloted by several of the top ROBO-ONE and university teams on the scene.

To generate more interest and enthusiasm, two of the life sized robots are currently displayed in Nippon TV’s 2nd floor lobby along with the championship belt. It’s hard to get a feel for the robots size from the photo. They are actually around 2 meters tall and weigh over 200 Kg (440 lbs).














Via: Real Robot Battle | Nippon TV

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Robot “Fonzie” Featured on Bloomberg

 Meet Fonzie A Twerking 3D Printed Robot Video  Bloomberg

Limor Schweitzer, the founder of Robosavvy - one of the most popular online sources of information, know-how, and humanoid robot parts/kits, was just featured on Bloomberg Televisions where he introduced “Fonzie” the dancing robot. Limor also explained how Robosavvy uses "Fonzie" and their other humanoids to develop research platforms for human-robot interaction.

Related link: http://www.bloomberg.com/video/meet-fonzie-the-dancing-robot-fCu_9N8AQhafapPg43F4DQ.html

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SANKYO TV Commercial Features Cute Humanoid Robot (video)

SANKYO, one of the leading Japanese suppliers of Pachinko equipment, has a new video featuring Yasuko Sawaguchi with a cute humanoid robot.

Like most Japanese television commercials it's hard to tell exactly what the connection is between the video content any actual product of trying to sell. Most Japanese television commercials are highly stylised and "good feeling – good image" in contrast to the commercials we see in the US.

The commercial doesn't show any additional information about the robot, though it appears from the design that Takahashi was probably involved somehow. It really has a close resemblance to his work.

Via: 【HD】2013/01/04 ON AIR CM (30s) No.012 SANKYO/企業CM - YouTube

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60 Minutes Segment on Robots and Jobs Stirs Controversy (Video)


Are robots hurting job growth  60 Minutes  CBS News

There is no question that rapidly advancing robot and AI technology are enabling companies to bring back work previously done overseas, especially in China. At the same time, they are eliminating the need for human involvement in the manufacturing and assembly processes, no matter where the 'manufacturing' takes place.

This excellent "Are Robots Hurting Job Growth?" segment on 60 Minutes explains the accelerating trend along with the benefits and the challenges it's creating. In the end, it may pose more of a severe problem for blue collar workers in China, India, and Asia than it will for their counterparts in 1st World nations, though no one will be able to completely escape its impact.

If I had to make one critical observation about the 60 minutes segment it would be to say that the title, "Are robots hurting job growth?", is misleading. To understand what is really taking place, and the eventual impact on individuals, governments, and societies, we need to take a much deeper, and more focused, approach. Robots, or more specifically 'robotics', is only a tool or technology.

The real 'problem', if we consider it to be a problem, is our focus on ever increasing efficiency and profitability, apparently without regard or a second thought to the impact on the quality of human life in general.

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Robot Casting Call (video)

gumdrop robot

The success of the movie  " AVATAR" proved that computer simulated actors could eventually replace their human counterparts. We're not there yet, but we're definitely on the way. It's only a matter of time.

But, what's it going to be like for the robot actors and actresses of the future? Will they face the same trials and tribulations, the same stresses? Looks like were going to find out…

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Discovery Canada To Feature Mech Warfare

mech warfare

I was really happy to see that Mech Warfare is getting lots of attention from the mass media. In addition to all of the online coverage and articles, later this month Mech Warfare will be featured on the Discovery Canada "Daily Planet" show. It is also expected to be available online via the Discovery Canada website.

The amount of time, effort, and dedication that Andrew Alter and his team have poured into the movement is amazing to say the least. While others, myself included, were somewhat skeptical and cautious, even questioning if the new robot sport would get off the ground, Andrew and other supporters that shared his vision and enthusiasm never wavered and have made it a reality. 

Via: Discovery Canada Visits Trossen Robotics « Trossen Robotics Blog

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