Cool New Robot App Infographic (Video)

robot apps

The Robots App Store put together an interesting and thought provoking infographic covering the potential market for robot applications over the next few years. While the infographic does seem to get a bit over-the-top with some of its claims, like implying that the NAO robot can feed your family pet while you're away, I tend to believe their view that robot apps will be a strong, dynamically growing, and profitable market in the future.

Of course, that will depend totally on designers and manufacturers bringing practical, useful robots to market for all of those apps to run on. In some ways it's been a "chicken or egg" type problem, and I'm glad that Elad Inbar, the founder of the Robots App Store, has taken the initiative to get the robot app ball rolling.

Hear what Inbar has to say about the future of robot apps, and see the full Robot App infographic below.


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