HEBOCON – The Robot Contest for Dummies (Video)

HEBOCON The Robot Contest for Dummies The Jury Selections The 18th Japan Media Arts Festival YouTube

Most robot contests award outstanding performance. All the awards and glory goes to the smarter competitors that take advantage of the best, often state-of-the-art technology. Of course, that comes at a price, building champion level robots isn’t cheap. And, more importantly, it leaves out the vast majority of people who are interested in robotics but can’t compete at the top level, or can’t afford the cost of entry.

The answer, at least in Japan, is HEBOCON: The Robot Contest for Dummies!


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23rd All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament Official Video (Video)

120127 Robot Sumo 1

Note: As of February 9, 2012 the video was not available via Youtube. I will monitor it's status and post when it comes back online.

Rodman777, a top class sumo robot builder in his own right, posted the 23rd All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament official video below. For those not familiar with robot sumo, Rodman is one of the key organizers of the Baltic Robot Sumo and European Robot League events, and competes regularly at RoboGames in the US.


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Teaching The NAO Robot Japanese Calligraphy (Video)

110720 NAO Robot Calligraphy 043

A little over a week ago we had the opportunity to sit in as a member of the Robot Japan team preparing for the August robot performance competition. One of the centerpiece exhibits will be the NAO robot drawing traditional Japanese kanji calligraphy - known as "Shado". This was the first attempt, so there were a few false steps and mistakes, but those are to be expected.

Over the course of the afternoon, and with everyone's help and support, NAO was able to draw the correct kanji with quite a bit of style and enthusiasum. The high points of the afternoon are in the video below.


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Amazing Baltic Robot Sumo Demonstration (Video)

robot sumo video
When we think of competitive robot sumo the first country that always comes to mind is Japan. It's where the robotic sport first originated, and has been actively promoted by FSI Corporation for the past 22 years.

The teams are known for an obsessive focus on design and performance to the point that the top robot competitors move so fast that it's hard to capture them on camera. And, when it comes to building the most competitive robot, they tend to use only the best, and often most expensive, components, like Maxon drive motors.

But recently strong competitors have appeared in countries not previously well known for advanced technology. The Baltic Robot Sumo organization is a great example. They seem to be just as focused and competitive as their Japanese compatriots on the other side of the globe.


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Metal Robots Vie For Gold Medals – RoboGames 2011

robogames combat robots

The 8th annual RoboGames attracts teams from around the world to compete in 60 different events - from dancing androids to fire-breathing combat robots and autonomous cars to soccer playing droids.

The San Francisco Bay Area has long been a rich playground where hard working cogs in the startup machine wrestle valiantly in their cubicles with the coding questions of the ages. 51 weeks out of the year, it's humdrum workday solving the world's technology problems.

And then there's week 52 -  RoboGames week...


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2010 Robot Sumo Finals (Video)

Robot Sumo, the way it's played in most countries, tends to be rather slow and can even be a bit boring. But here in the land of it's origin the sport is lightening fast, powerful, and is anything but boring. This past Sunday the All Japan Robot Sumo finals were held at Ryogoku, the home of human sumo competitions. Here are a couple of the competitions.

Autonomous operation:

Radio Control:

The competition entries are usually split about 50/50 between autonomous operation and radio controlled robots. And, it's a little misleading to think of the R/C robots in the same way you would think of an R/C car or plane. These robots move so fast and pack so much punch that the human operator's responses would never be able to keep up.

The secret is that they build a lot of autonomous functionality into the R/C robots as well. The operator can give the command to attack, but the actual engagement and high speed opponent tracking, is built into the robots.

Via robonable

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Robot Challenge 2010 – NanoSumo Robot Winner (Video)

In addition to his Robot Challenge event report, Raul also pointed us to this video of the NanoSumo Robot competition winner, FuriousPuca:

Here’s the background on this awesome nano robot:

In this video you can see my nanosumo robot FuriousPuca. A nanosumo robot is a sumo fighting robot with a limitation of 25x25x25mm and 25gr. It's completely autonomous after I press the start button.

On 20th and 21st of March 2010, I participated in the competition RobotChallenge 2010 (Vienna, Austria) and I won the 1st price in the nanosumo category.

Author: Ferran Gascon Burgada
Fan page: www.facebook.com/furiouspuca
Robotics Society: ArCAT (Robotics Association of Catalonia) www.robot.cat
Song: Spiderbait - Fucken' Awesome
Made in Catalonia.

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Robot Challenge 2010 A Great Success (Video)

Raul Galbany from Spain submitted this excellent event report and videos:

VIENNA - 411 robots from 22 countries joined this year's Robot Challenge, the 20th of to 21 March 2010 was held in Vienna, and fought against each other in the first robot Championship for the coveted medals. More than 4,000 visitors did not miss this two-day spectacle and used the opportunity competitions worldwide live performances to be the largest robotics in a.
The joy among the winners of this year's Robot Challenge was great, finally, was the competition with 411 participating robots enormous. One of the big winners among the Spanish team from Catalonia (www.robot.cat), the 3 gold medals and took home the Lithuanian team, which of Sumo Robots "Master of Disaster" any opponent sovereign carried from the ring. Even some Austrian team was able to prevail against the international competition: with 9 medals including 2 Gold in the disciplines of Sumo and Mini Humanoid Sumo, was the Robot Challenge 2010 for the Austrian robot designers a great success.

For great astonishment the size of many robots: With a length, width and height of only 2.5 cm had caused the nano sumo robot one of the highlights of the event.

The event was organized by InnoC - Austrian Association for Innovative Computer Science in collaboration with the Federal Ministry for Science and Research and is part of the international robotics initiative Cent Robot.


Medals table:
                                                G          S          B
1st Spain (ESP)                          3          0          0
2nd Austria (AUT)                      2          3          4
3rd Poland (POL)                        2          3          1
4th Lithuania (LTU)                     1          2          2
5th Tschechein (CZE)                  1          2          0
6th Slovakia (SVK)                      1          0          0
7th Germany (GER)                     1          0          0
8th Romania (ROU)                    0          0          2
9th Russia (RUS)                        0          0          1
Mini Sumo Deathmatch
1st Crow (POL)
Mini Sumo
1st Dark knight (AUT)
2nd Raizo (LTU)
3rd Sprinter (LTU)
Standard Sumo
1st Master of Disaster (LTU)
2nd Czesio (POL)
3rd Bonzoq (POL)
Micro Sumo
1st Destroyer (POL)
2nd Micro coke (POL)
3rd Hulk (ROU)
Nano Sumo
1st Furious Puca (ESP)
2nd Averell Dalton (AUT)
3rd Jolly Jumper (AUT)
Humanoid Sumo
1st Evil Bill (AUT)
2nd Wolverine (AUT)
3rd Evil Ted (AUT)
Humanoid Sprint
1st Hati (GER)
2nd Granny (AUT)
3rd Kondo (LTU)
Line Follower
1st R555 (ESP)
2nd 2fast4you (LTU)
3rd Zmolroc (ROU)
Enhanced Line Follower
1st R555 (ESP)
2nd IgiBot (CZE)
3rd Fasto-3 (RUS)
1st PocketBot (CZE)
2nd Samuel (POL)
3rd Aviator (AUT)
Puck Collect
1st J2MP (SVK)
2nd Cogito MART (CZE)
3rd i.Rob (AUT)

Thanks Raul!

If you have event robot reports you would like to share with our readers, please feel free to contact us. We can’t promise to post every submittal, but we will do our best.

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