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Trossen Robotics - One of the top robot kit and parts distributors in the US, Trossen is an active supporter of robot events including RoboGames, MechWarfare and others. The Trossen Robotics user forum is home for the most knowledgeable and active robot researchers and hobbyists.


RT Corporation - Located near the JR Akihabara station in Tokyo, RT provides hands-on robotics training courses based on the KHR-1 bipedal robot, and also sells robot kits and accessories. In addition, RT has a regulation Robo-One practice ring.

CustoBots International - Based in Canada but with a truly international perspective, CustoBots is dedicated to helping you customize your life with robotics. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and often competes in major competitions like RoboGames using the same products they sell. You can be sure that they know everything about hobby robotics from A to Z.


Robot-Fan - One of the best Japanese on-line sources for biped robot competition information, news, and videos. Robot-Fan is updated regularly, and includes reports from Robo-One, Robo-Fight, and other similar events.

A popular community site for WowWee Robotics' products with user forums, videos, detailed articles, plus frequent participation and content contributions from WowWee. Coverage includes all the WowWee products including the Robosapien, RS Media, Roboreptile, Dragonfly and much more.

micromagic Systems
A great website and web-resource for information and inspiration on hexapod walking robots. The photos, videos, and robot designs are really interesting, and will immediately look somewhat familar. That's because you've seen many of Matt Denton's robotic creations in movies like the Harry Potter series. In addition to lots of information on the robot designs and hexapod kit, they also have what promises to be a very interesting forum for designers, builders, and others to learn, share, and swap robot information.

An excellent LEGO Mindstorms blog written by Jim Kelly. Jim was selected as one of the lucky 100 NXT developers that get to provide their insight, expertise, and knowledge to the Mindstorms final testing, configuration, and roll-out. His NXT robot blog is almost exclusively dedicated to LEGO Mindstorms NXT information, news, and tips along with his own knowledgeable comments on the robotics system.

RobotShop Canada
The Robot Shop, Canada is known for proactively promoting personal and domestic robotics with sales, service, consulting and event sponsorship. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and their passion for all things related to robots and robotics shines through everything they do.

Jason Bradbury
Jason is the host of the popular Gadget Show on television in the U.K. He loves building wild, crazy, and often amazingly useful gadgets and robots. His cell phone in a driving glove hack is a natural to be adapted into a robot remote control. His blog is chock full of interesting 'stuff' including a really neat hoverboard he built from spare and junk parts, hacks, and regular features like his on-site exploration of Korean technology and robots.

The Machine Grid
Very well designed robotics website published by Gerard, a EE graduate student. His site includes tutorials, detailed robot project information, circuit boards, articles, and even a very interesting "How to solder an accelerometer" walkthru.

USBUIRT - IR Remote Control Module
IR Remote Control Interface with built-in USB interface. Makes it easy to capture codes from your television, stereo, or robot remote and control them from your PC. Used in both the Robo-in-Motion and Robosapien Dance Machine projects.

Robosapien USBUIRT IR Control Codes
IR control codes for use with Robosapien and the USBUIRT module

Design and Manufacturing Resources
Cost effective sources for prototype and small quantity laser cut plastic parts, custom printed circuit boards, and machined metal parts

Tutorial and Elementary Trajectory Model for The Differential Steering System
Detailed analysis and methodology for steering a robot - includes diagrams and equations

Where am I?
The ultimate report on robot positioning - 282 pages, 200 illustrations, 400 references - pdf format - free download

Futaba Servos
Futaba servo specifications and FAQ

Micro Mouse Info
Extensive site including lots of suggestions and tips

Micromouse Resources
Everything you ever wanted to know about creating and competing with a micromouse

Tokyo Akihabara Electric town map
Inoue-san's clickable map of Akihabara - great resource for locating electronic parts

Robot Competition FAQ
Steven Rainwater's list of robot competitions held worldwide - updated monthly

BittyBot Products
Tiny, tiny, tiny little controllers and sensors for developing really small robots

Beam Robotics, Sumo bots, parts

Parallax User Support Forums
Online support for any and all Parallax users - Very useful resource for Basic Stamp applications

Dallas Personal Robotics Group

Southern Oregon Robotics
Home of the Sumo11 robot

Portland Area Robotics Society
An active robotics group based in Portland, Oregon

Encoder Front Page
Seattle Robotics Society magazine - great source for articles and inspiration

Source for Basic Stamp microcontrollers, robots, and training

Hobby Engineering
Great source for robot kits, parts, and electronics

Ng Beng Kiat's Homepage
Ng Beng Kiat is the reigning champion of the All Japan Micromouse contest and is without a doubt the worlds leading micromouse designer. His robotics pages contain lots of great design details, insights and useful observations.

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