The Robot Family Portrait Album Project

kismet robot projectOne of these days, perhaps in the not too distant future, robots and artificial intelligence technology will evolve to the point that our mechanical buddies will take on more and more of what we consider to be human characteristics. Over time they may even develop a deep longing for times past and want to recall memories of their ancestors.

Unfortunately no robot, and no human being, has been rigorously capturing and collecting images of the robots as they evolve. There is a significant risk that some of the robots will be lost to history or consigned to the scrap heap.



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Modern Day Geppettos

Robot Athlete Cup  18 tonemapped

Taylor Veltrop demonstrating his master/slave robot control

Today's humanoid robot builders are like modern day Geppettos creating their Pinocchios in their own image, delighted when it can move, walk, manipulate, and mimic their actions.

Where will it all lead? Will the puppet come alive? And, who is the puppet master controlling Geppetto? That's the big adventure and the discoveries yet to come.

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31st All Japan Micromouse Robot Competition Photo Gallery (Video)

We uploaded the 2010 All Japan Micromouse Robot Competition photoset, including photos of all the Expert Class robots that were on display. Unlike previous years, this time the robots were placed on a table behind a barrier which made getting detailed shots a bit more challenging. Luckily we were blessed with long arms.

101121 Micromouse Robot Competition 031-2
 Kato's full size Tetra micromouse champion robot that took 1st  place in the Expert category.

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