Robot Casting Call (video)

gumdrop robot

The success of the movie  " AVATAR" proved that computer simulated actors could eventually replace their human counterparts. We're not there yet, but we're definitely on the way. It's only a matter of time.

But, what's it going to be like for the robot actors and actresses of the future? Will they face the same trials and tribulations, the same stresses? Looks like were going to find out…

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ROBO-G Robot Movie (Video)

111112 IREX 2011 106

I took a few hours off this evening and went to see the new ROBO-G robot movie that was just released here in Japan. Without disclosing any spoilers, I can say that the movie was a fun romp, full of laughs and quite a few unexpected twists and turns.

The plot centers around a trio of factory workers that have been tasked by the company president to develop a humanoid robot. With only one week left before the robot's unveiling at a major trade show, disaster strikes when their prototype accidentally falls out a window and is smashed.

They recruit a retired senior who just happens to perfectly fit inside the humanoid robot's shell and attempt to con everyone, including the press, into thinking that the new robot is every bit as good as ASIMO.


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