Discovery Canada To Feature Mech Warfare

mech warfare

I was really happy to see that Mech Warfare is getting lots of attention from the mass media. In addition to all of the online coverage and articles, later this month Mech Warfare will be featured on the Discovery Canada "Daily Planet" show. It is also expected to be available online via the Discovery Canada website.

The amount of time, effort, and dedication that Andrew Alter and his team have poured into the movement is amazing to say the least. While others, myself included, were somewhat skeptical and cautious, even questioning if the new robot sport would get off the ground, Andrew and other supporters that shared his vision and enthusiasm never wavered and have made it a reality. 

Via: Discovery Canada Visits Trossen Robotics « Trossen Robotics Blog

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Robot Duo Looking For Trouble

120420 RoboGames 2012-4 by Robots-Dreams
120420 RoboGames 2012-4, a photo by Robots-Dreams on Flickr.

Insanity Wolf and Zot gave a glimpse of the future of robot battle at RoboGames 2012.

Zot is one of the powerful, agile humanoid robots developed by Farrell Robotics that took home medals at the world's largest open robot competition held in San Mateo, California last month.

Insanity Wolf, a dual airsoft gun equipped quadroped robot operated remotely using a head mounted wireless camera, was designed by Andrew Alter, the primary driving force behind Mech Warfare.

Edit [5/9/2012]: Corrected Zot's name.

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Shibata Challenges Edoga To Mech Warfare Hardcore at RoboGames 2012 (Video)

rocket robots

Yoshihiro Shibata was totally amazed when he witnessed the Mech Warfare Hardcore competition staged during RoboGames 2011 in California. The idea that robot designers could battle with rocket equipped humanoids was something beyond his imagination.

He decided immediately that as soon as he arrived back in Japan work would start on a new robot specifically designed to literally blow the competition away. He set his sights on Che Edoga's rocket wielding female robot that took the gold medal (see video below).

Now, four months before RoboGames 2012 kicks off in April, he feels confident enough to lay down a serious challenge to Edoga.


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Old Electronics Kit Concept Made New (Video)

arduino sensor starter kit

My personal fascination with electronics and technology started at a very early age when Santa brought a simple electronics experimenter kit one Christmas Eve. All the components were laid out on a board and each one had small wire springs for terminal contacts. The instruction book included diagrams showing how to hook up the wires to complete each circuit.

I can't remember all of the experiments exactly, but I do know there was a switch triggered burglar alarm, some light circuits, and a crystal radio, among others. The 'radio' used a rough crystal with a cat's whisker probe with no application. Luckily we were living in Southern California at the time with at least one 50,000 watt broadcast radio station that I could pick up.

I was very intrigued, and pleased, to discover Andrew Alter, a leading humanoid robot designer, Mech Warfare organizer, and RoboGames champion, explaining the Electronic Brick Starter Kit, since it shows that the same basic approach is still very much in use today.


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Mega Hobby Robot Event Coming Up

hobby robot event

It's been a long, hot, and extremely humid summer here in Japan. The weather, the economy, and the general mood has been depressed and languid to say the least. As I have mentioned before, a lot of the plans for regular robot competitions, like ROBO-ONE, had to be cancelled or postponed indefinitely after the triple disasters (earthquake, tsunami, & nuclear) that took place on March 11th.

All of that is about to change big time, and all the pent-up robot energy and enthusiasum is going to explode on the scene over the next few weeks in a frenzy of exciting competitions with a new mega robot battle double-header that promises to totally blow away all standing records.


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