Robot Race Coming up on the Gadget Show – UK Channel5


The humanoid robot gang over Robosavvy was recruited to play a key role in an upcoming episode of the popular UK Channel 5 Gadget Show with Jason Bradbury.

Without disclosing any spoilers, the episode looks like it will be a tremendous amount of fun including a robot race featuring about 40 different robots as well as a Robotis Bioloid GP getting up close and personal with Suzi the most attractive and sexy host on the program.

No word on when the episode will hit the airwaves, though it will probably be broadcast fairly soon. The program isn't carried by any of the networks or cable channels over here, so we'll have to depend on the kindness of readers in the UK to share their observations and reports.

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Japan Humanoid Robot Organizations Band Together To Inspire The Next Generation


When times are good, and the economy is strong, then every company believes that they can operate by themselves that they have the ultimate answer for the markets requirements. There's little motivation or need to collaborate. And often we see quite a bit of duplication between companies and product lines.

But, when times get tough, when the economy tanks, when customers aren't eager to open their wallets and pull out their credit cards, then companies are forced to rethink their core capabilities and strengths, become much more realistic about their ability to invest, and often start looking for partners to band together with.

That's exactly what's happening now in the area of Japanese hobby robotics, specifically the humanoid robotics that we've all come to know and love. A new organization has just been established, Robot Yuenchi. Well known humanoid robot organizations, including Kyosho, Kondo, Himeji Software Works, Robo Garage, and the ROBO-ONE organization have united together, pooling their resources, to promote interest, activity, training, and education in humanoid robotics in Japan.


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6th Kondo KHR Robot Anniversary: Dance Contest (Video)

Dr. GIY is an absolute genius when it comes to humanoid robots, whether they're fighting in the ROBO-ONE ring, or trying to out do each other at dancing. Here are his robot creations giving it their best at the 6th  Kondo KHR Robot Anniversary Celebration:

Dr. GIY, by the way, in addition to being a multiple time ROBO-ONE Champion, was also one of the advisors to Kyosho for the orginal development of the high performance, popular MANOI series robots, based on Kondo servos and electronics.

Here's one of his early robot dance routines from four years ago:

And his robot breakdance routine from last summer:

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How Olympus Uses Humanoid Robots To Market Cameras (Video)

In todays world, major digital camera manufacturers have to deal with rapid technological evolution, intense price pressure both from their competitors and customers, and the inevitable merge between still photography and video. It’s a major challenge to differentiate themselves, and their product lines, from other cameras on the market.

So, for the CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show, where Olympus wanted to show off their latest digital camera with a dedicated record button that allows the user to instantly shift from taking still photos to recording high definition video, they decided to call in the robots. Kyosho MANOI robots, to be more precise.

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So you think your robot can dance? (Video)

Robot dancing
Dance contests, especially TV dance contest programs have become really popular, so it’s not surprising that the Japanese humanoid robot builders would have to get into the act.

A good example is Dr. GIY, a ROBO-ONE champion robot creator. Not content to just have his robot make some stock movements, Dr. GIY decided to challenge the dancing ability of HRP-2, a multi-million dollar humanoid robot developed by  Kawada Industries and the Manufacturing Science and Technology Center (MSTC), sponsored by the Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) through New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

Although the idea of a single hobbyist working in their small apartment on a tiny budget taking on the massive resources of Japanese industry and government research with virtually unlimited budgets might seem foolhardy, we think you’ll agree that Dr. GIY’s robot is more than up to the task.


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RobotGrrl warming up for the MANOI Holiday Xtravaganza (Video)

Manoi xmas
The holiday season is already upon us, and it won’t be long before all the good boys and girls, and a few naughty ones too, will be waiting for Santa Claus to slide down the chimmney and leave a huge pile of new robot toys and kits under the Christmas tree.

RobotGrrl just couldn’t wait for Santa, and decided to get a jump on the holidays by transforming her MANOI AT-01 robot into a perfect dancing elf. And, she promises more holiday robot delights are on the way as she ramps up her MANOI Holiday Xtravaganza!


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