Japan Humanoid Robot Organizations Band Together To Inspire The Next Generation


When times are good, and the economy is strong, then every company believes that they can operate by themselves that they have the ultimate answer for the markets requirements. There's little motivation or need to collaborate. And often we see quite a bit of duplication between companies and product lines.

But, when times get tough, when the economy tanks, when customers aren't eager to open their wallets and pull out their credit cards, then companies are forced to rethink their core capabilities and strengths, become much more realistic about their ability to invest, and often start looking for partners to band together with.

That's exactly what's happening now in the area of Japanese hobby robotics, specifically the humanoid robotics that we've all come to know and love. A new organization has just been established, Robot Yuenchi. Well known humanoid robot organizations, including Kyosho, Kondo, Himeji Software Works, Robo Garage, and the ROBO-ONE organization have united together, pooling their resources, to promote interest, activity, training, and education in humanoid robotics in Japan.


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Dekinnoka 6! Robot Pro-Wrestling Rivals ROBO-ONE (Video)

It started off with one robot builder, Atamo, who was addicted to both the humanoid robot competitions and Japanese pro wrestling. In the beginning, he designed his robot to look like a pro wrestler, and to grab more of the competition judges, and audience, attention he dressed up in a matching wrestler costume. Needless to say, it was a huge hit and generated tremendous enthusiasm, even if though he didn't win the championship.

Other builders wanted to play too, and impromptu matches started to take place every time they could manage to get together. It wasn't long before Atamo attracted the attention of enough builders to start staging regular Dekinnoka! events. The first competition was a little ad hoc, just a bunch of enthusiastic energetic robots builders having a lot of fun. But, as the saying goes, enthusiasm is contagious. The Dekinnoka movement quickly caught fire. The number of participants, professionalism, production quality, and energy has increased to the point that Dekinnoka is becoming a strong rival for other robot competitions like ROBO-ONE.

Yesterday, Dekinnoka 6! Robot Pro-Wrestling was staged at the Kondo RoboSpot facility in Akihabara. This particular competition, part of the robot pro-wrestling world tryout initiative, was limited to humanoid robots utilizing Kondo servos and components. Normally, the competitions are open to robots based on any manufacturers hardware.

The event was broadcast real-time using Ustream, and has been archived so that you can go back and watch the whole event. But for readers that don't have the hours to spend, here is the promotional video, followed by the video stream of matches #4 and #5:

Dekinnoka 6! Match 4 & 5

I really like the way that they inserted short videos introducing the background and interests of each of the competitors it gives a feel for what they do in their daily work life, why they're interested in robotics, how long they've been involved, why they're so excited about robot pro-wrestling, and a lot of other interesting background. And, of course, it's a great opportunity for competitors to promote their company is or their own personal products and services to the audience including the other builders.

The 7th Dekinnoka! robot pro-wrestling competition is scheduled for November 3, which is a Japanese holiday, in Saitama, just north of Tokyo.

What's next? We got to believe that the Dekinnoka robot pro-wrestling movement is going global! This is exactly the type of event that would have tremendous public and media appeal to audiences all over the world. It would take some organization, and some sponsorship, but Dekinnoka would be a killer event for RoboGames.

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New Robot Pro-Wrestling Events Scheduled


Just added two new Robot Pro-Wrestling events to the Robots Dreams calendar. Both events are part of the Dekinnoka series organized by Atamo.

On September 25th  (Saturday) Dekinnoka!6 will take place at Kondo RoboSpot with the doors opening at 15:30 and the starting “Gong” struck at 16:00.

Then on November 3rd  (Wednesday) the next competition is set to take place at the Soka Segawa Aya left bank plaza. Exact schedule details will be released later.

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6th Kondo KHR Robot Anniversary: Dance Contest (Video)

Dr. GIY is an absolute genius when it comes to humanoid robots, whether they're fighting in the ROBO-ONE ring, or trying to out do each other at dancing. Here are his robot creations giving it their best at the 6th  Kondo KHR Robot Anniversary Celebration:

Dr. GIY, by the way, in addition to being a multiple time ROBO-ONE Champion, was also one of the advisors to Kyosho for the orginal development of the high performance, popular MANOI series robots, based on Kondo servos and electronics.

Here's one of his early robot dance routines from four years ago:

And his robot breakdance routine from last summer:

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