Kondo Robot Battles Set for August 27th in Tokyo

kondo robot battle

Back in March of this year everyone was really anticipating the 19th ROBO-ONE competition, and all of the ROBO-ONE partner organizations were busy staging events that would pre-qualify the winners as seeded entries into the world's most famous humanoid robot competition. Then the northern Japan earthquake took place and everyone's plans went right out the window.

It's been just five months since that horrendous disaster, yet most areas of Japan have quickly recovered and are coming back even stronger than ever. Not only have most businesses rebounded, the robotics sector has regained its momentum also. Later this month, on August 27th, Kondo Robotics will stage a double header series of humanoid robot competitions - the 5th and 6th Kondo Robot Battles attracting top robot builders from all over Japan.

The Kondo competitions, which are limited to designs utilizing Kondo components, will take place at the Kondo RoboSpot facility in Akihabara. Player check-in will start at 11:00 am with the Opening Ceremony scheduled for 13:00. Matches will continue throughout the afternoon with the awards ceremony tentatively set for 16:30. Attendance is open to the general public and admission is free, though space will be limited so be sure to show up early if you intend to get in.

(Via 第5回,第6回 KONDO €BATTLE 詳細発表&お申込開始!.)

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Humanoid Robot Stair Climbing (Video)

robot climbing stairs

In the early days of hobby humanoid robotics even simple tasks, like walking up a couple of stair steps, was a major challenge. The first robots lacked gyros for balance and used servos that weren't specifically designed for robot use. Later, as gyros became more commonplace, the top robot builders were able to accomplish climbing stairs, with varying results, but the servo power left something to be desired.

Now, with the benefit of high power servos and better, easier to use and program, some off-the-shelf humanoid kit robots, like the Kondo KHR-3HV, can conquer the task fairly easily, as Shibata-san with LIGHTFOOT Robotics demonstrated below.


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Robot Magazine – The latest hobby, science and consumer robotics, artificial intelligence

robot magazine robogames issue

Subscribers to ROBOT Magazine are receiving their copies of the latest issue right about now, and the store copies should be in bookstores very soon.

This particular issue, with the Kumotek KT-X humanoid robot on the cover, will prove to be quite interesting and exciting since it includes coverage of robots at the Maker Faire, animatronic dinosaurs, a how-to on programing servos, Arduino Bot Brains, a chance to win a Parallax robot, a look at the latest Kondo hexapod robot, and our detailed coverage of RoboGames 2011.

(Via Robot Magazine - The latest hobby, science and consumer robotics, artificial intelligence.)

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Fantastic Deal on Kondo KRS-6003HV ICS Servos for Humanoid Robot


Dennis2010, a German electrical engineering student on the RoboSavvy robot forum, has 22 brand new Kondo KHS-60033HV ICS servos that he purchased in late 2010 for a humanoid robot project. Because of his study load he's had to give up on the project without having actually used the servos.

The specs are quite impressive:

Maximum motion angle: 270 degrees

Torque: 67 Kg.cm

Speed: 0.22 sec/60 degrees

List price is typically around USD$390. Dennis is willing to let them go for USD$150 each, and has very attractive pricing if you prefer buying a set of 6 or 18. If you have any plans to build a hefty, muscular humanoid robot, this might be your chance. Check it out!

(Via RoboSavvy Forum :: View topic - Very cheap and strong Kondo KRS-6003HV ICS Servos.)

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Kondo ROBOSPOT Gets a Twitter Account

Kondo Robospot robot center

ROBOSPOT, Kondo Robot's popular company operated retail outlet in Akihabara and the location for robot competitions like KondoCup Robot Soccer and the Kondo Land multi-legged robot obstacle course event, just introduced a Twitter account to announce and promote their services and competitions.

Posts to the ROBOSPOT twitter account will be in Japanese, but that doesn't typically pose a big problem for readers since many of the Twitter apps include a translation option, typically using Google Translate as the backend. It's also possible to bring up the Twitter feed in a browser like Chrome and use a browser plug-in for the translation dog-work.

The company has recently started broadcasting most events held at ROBOSPOT via UStream so that fans all over the world that can't travel all the way to Tokyo can still see the action and add their own comments or feedback, including cheering for their favorite teams.


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Fanastic Robot Coverage in the July ROBOCON Magazine Issue

ROBOCON robot magazine

The July issue of ROBOCON Magazine hit the news stands yesterday and we were very pleased to see that it featured several articles near and dear to our hearts.

In addition to all the great, and always detailed, technical and event content that ROBOCON is known for, this issue included major articles covering RoboGames 2011, the Robot Japan First event, and Taylor Veltrop's master/slave robot control implementation using the Microsoft Kinect device.


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How to Build a Humanoid Robot (Video)

Kondo humanoid robot khr-3hv
Ever wonder what it takes to build one of the advanced humanoid robot kits like a Kondo KHR-3HV? It turns out to be not all that hard, though the process does require considerable concentration, persistence, and patience.

Total assembly time is typically around 8-10 hours, though you will want to split it up into a few separate work sessions, unless you're really turned on by the thrill of searching for tiny, tiny screws that fell off the table and into the carpet pile.

Thanks to the dedication, and thoughtfulness, of Daniel Stephens, you can peek over his shoulder while he goes through the entire KHR-3HV robot construction and testing process from start to successful finish. Don't worry, Daniel has been thoughtful enough to compress the 10 hour robot build into a much more manageable 6 minute video clip below.


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Robot Soccer Competition hits Major Milestone (Video)

robospot robot soccerIt's really hard to believe that time has zipped by so fast, but never the less, the 25th KondoCup Robot Soccer competition is coming up in just under two weeks. It seems like just yesterday when we were thrilled to cover the first KondoCup Robot Soccer competition featuring our favorite humanoid robots playing a credible, and often hilarious, mini version of soccer.

The teams will be practicing at the Kondo RoboSpot facility in Akihabara this coming Sunday afternoon in preparation for the official matches scheduled for Saturday, June 18th (KHR-class) and Sunday, June 19th (Open class).


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Robot Laser Tag – Thunderbolt by Yoshihiro Shibata (Video)

via www.youtube.com

Yoshihiro Shibata believes that robot and motion design is an art, and he aspires to be one of the top artists in his chosen field.

He should know. For the past few years he worked for Kondo Robot in Tokyo where he was the product manager for the KHR-2HV and KHR-3HV humanoid robots as well as the frame design for the Kyosho MANOI AT-01 robot.

His skill is very evident in the video above. Taken by a head mounted camera, the video is surprisingly stable showing how smooth and reliably the robots balance and movements are, even while playing a fast game of Blaser robot laser tag.

Shibata recently spun off on his own and is designing robots and taking on projects via his new company named LightFoot. He's also actively involved in staging robot events and is the technical director for the Robot Japan competitions.

He also did pretty well at RoboGames 2011 in California last month:

110415 RoboGames 015

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RoboGames 2011 – Shibata's Message & Commitment (Video)

via www.youtube.com

Shibata-san, a ROBO-ONE Champion level competitor and the designer of the Kondo KHR-3HV humanoid robot joined RoboGames 2011 as a key member of the Robot Japan team.

We caught up with Shibata after all the events finished and asked him about his impressions. He was so pleased with RoboGames that without any prompting on our part, he committed to coming back for RoboGames 2012 with a brand new biped robot specifically designed to win at Mech Warfare.

Shibata's friends back home might be a little surprised at how well he can speak English. Just three short days ago he was really hesitant to speak any English. But the three extremely intense days at RoboGames brought out the best in him. Perhaps we should remarket RoboGames as the Ultimate English Language Learning Immersion Course for robot fans world-wide.

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