Breaking News: Takara Tomy Developing Robot Dog – Omnibot i-SODOG

isodog dog robot

There isn't a lot of information available yet, but here's what is rumored so far:  

The new robot dog, named the Omnibot i-SODOG, is expected to have realistic dog-like movement utilizing 15 custom designed servo motors. It will feature voice recognition and respond to hand signals using motion detection sensors. In addition to a dedicated remote control that looks similar to the i-SOBOT humanoid control unit, i-SODOG can be controlled using a smartphone. We're guessing that the interface will be Bluetooth.

i-sodog robot dog

Based on the robot complexity and advanced technology, pricing is likely to be similar to the company's popular i-SOBOT robot that retailed for around 31,500 Japanese yen. The rumor is that i-SODOG's release date will be early 2013, though no official information is available at this time. 

Takara Tomy is expected to release more information, and perhaps to have limited showings of the i-SODOG, at the Tokyo International Toy Show that opens tomorrow morning here in Japan.

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