Robot Duo Looking For Trouble

120420 RoboGames 2012-4 by Robots-Dreams
120420 RoboGames 2012-4, a photo by Robots-Dreams on Flickr.

Insanity Wolf and Zot gave a glimpse of the future of robot battle at RoboGames 2012.

Zot is one of the powerful, agile humanoid robots developed by Farrell Robotics that took home medals at the world's largest open robot competition held in San Mateo, California last month.

Insanity Wolf, a dual airsoft gun equipped quadroped robot operated remotely using a head mounted wireless camera, was designed by Andrew Alter, the primary driving force behind Mech Warfare.

Edit [5/9/2012]: Corrected Zot's name.

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Spring 2012 NAO Humanoid Robot Developer Days (Video)

nao robot developer

Aldebaran just uploaded the Spring 2012 NAO Developer Days overview video providing an excellent overview of the program, participants, and the 24 hour codathon competition.

During the competition participants had just 24 hours to develop a new application for the NAO humanoid robot, then present it to the judges, with the winner receiving a brand new Next-Gen NAO robot.



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Aldebaran NAO and ROMEO Humanoid Robots on French TV (Video)

aldebaran romeo robot

The Aldebaran NAO and ROMEO humanoid robots were featured on television, including interviews with some of the key Aldebaran management team.

For those already familiar with the NAO robot, the program doesn't really present anything new or exciting. It does, however, include some good close-up views of ROMEO - the company's life-sized/person-sized humanoid development project.


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Wahoo – The Affordable Smartphone Biped Robot (Video)

biped robot

Uncle Bob (a.k.a. Robert Lam) has taught numerous humanoid robot builders how to create smooth, realistic motions, has designed a new and extremely affordable biped robot named "Wahoo".

Capable of smooth walking using only three servos, Wahoo can also be controlled by an Android based smartphone. Uncle Bob has an iOS version in the works as well.

The robot stands approximately 15 cm tall and sports an Android shaped body shell produced on a 3D printer. The servos are low-cost 9 gram types with 6 AAA batteries hidden in the robots legs. Communication with the smartphone is via Bluetooth, so it should be possible to control the robot from any Bluetooth enabled computer.


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AESSBot’11 – Premiere Robot Gathering in Spain (Video)

120202 Spainish Robot Event Edit

When it comes to robots, most of people's attention automatically focuses on the work being done in the US and Japan, but there is tremendous excitement, energy, and activity taking place around the world in countries that don't usually make it into the limelight.

A great example is Spain where major robot events like AESSBot feature the latest robotic technology, top level competitors, and draw huge crowds. AESSBot'11 was the 14th staging of Spain's premiere robot event and thanks to Mundo Friki you can get a taste for why it's become so popular.


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Japanese Science Magazine Features Doka Harumi Humanoid Robot (Video)

120201 Robot helper doka harumi 1

Gakken, a leading Japanese publisher of science related magazines and low cost kits just released Volume 33 in the popular Otona No Kagaku series. I was surprised, and very pleased to find Kazuki Sumi's humanoid robot creation, Doka Harumi with a feature article in the magazine.

Like most of the Gakken publications, Volume 33 centers around a simple kit, this time it's a miniature version of the Roomba robot that includes enough functionality to effectively mimic it's real life counterpart. The design is rather unique in that it can accomplish all of that with just minimal electronics and only one drive motor - but more on that in another post.

In addition to the robot kit, Gakken always includes a beautifully executed full color magazine chock full of articles to interest and inspire readers. Doka Harumi, a top competitor in the ROBO-ONE Humanoid Helper Robot Project competitions, was an excellent choice.


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