New HPI G-ROBOTS GR-001Humanoid Robot Closeup (Video)

We first saw an early version of the HPI GR-001 humanoid robot at a trade show here in Japan a couple of months ago, and liked what we saw. Now, since it's almost ready to be released for sale, we tracked down one of the production robots and arranged for an extended hands-on, no holds bared, session. The net result? We like it even more!

We'll be posting detailed information, photos, notes, and some additional videos here on Robots Dreams from our evaluation session with the GR-001. But, just to kick things off, we put together a 3+ minute video clip (see below)  to highlight just a few of the robot's most impressive features.

New HPI G-ROBOTS GR-001Humanoid Robot Closeup (Video)’ continues

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