Who's the Fastest Robot? (Video)

Ever wonder what the fastest robot might be? Can an i-SOBOT outrun a Robonova? Does a MANOI have the heels of Mercury? Can a Robo-Reptile out-sprint a Bioloid? What's your best guess? Who would you put your money on?

We won't spoil all the fun by revealing the robots name, or the competition here. You're going to have to watch the race in its hilarious entirety, including all the grins, giggles, energy and totally robotic chaos to enjoy it for yourself:

Fastest humanoid robot race

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Robot Race Coming up on the Gadget Show – UK Channel5


The humanoid robot gang over Robosavvy was recruited to play a key role in an upcoming episode of the popular UK Channel 5 Gadget Show with Jason Bradbury.

Without disclosing any spoilers, the episode looks like it will be a tremendous amount of fun including a robot race featuring about 40 different robots as well as a Robotis Bioloid GP getting up close and personal with Suzi the most attractive and sexy host on the program.

No word on when the episode will hit the airwaves, though it will probably be broadcast fairly soon. The program isn't carried by any of the networks or cable channels over here, so we'll have to depend on the kindness of readers in the UK to share their observations and reports.

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Voice control with the Robonova-1 robot (Video)

Boomer robot
Michael Overstreet has the VRBot voice module working successfully with his latest Robonova-1 robot (see video below). He ran into some connectivity problems trying to use the module with Windows 7, but it works fine with Vista.

Michael, a well known RoboGames humanoid robot champion for the past few years, had his car broken into earlier this year, and Boomer (his original Robonova) was stolen in the process. The incident was indeed unfortunate, perhaps heartbreaking after all the work, dedication, and emotion he poured into Boomer. It will be fascinating to see what changes, and improvements, he makes to his new robot when we meet up at RoboGames in San Francisco this coming April.


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Robonova-1 Robot Repeats TV Performance (Video)

Robot talent

It’s been 3 years, almost to the day, since the popular Robonova-1 humanoid robot made its network television debut in Denmark (video below) and ended up going head over heels.

Fast forward to April, 2009 and Robonova gets a second chance to wow the TV audience. This time, as a member of a Japan pop music group, he only has to do a little backup singing and some simple dance moves.

What happened? Well, you get three guesses… and the first two don’t count.


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Robot Sightings: Homeless Robot, Widening Robot Gap, Crabfu Challenge, and more…

What's going on today in my crazy robot world?

  • 20:27 How many servos does it take to make a walking humanoid robot? How about 2...? tinyurl.com/69xrmv
  • 20:40 If you're going to have robot soccer games and robot battles, you have to have cheerleaders! tinyurl.com/6gtfr2
  • 22:17 The Tsukuba Real World Challenge was like the Darpa Challenge only on sidewalks with real people: tinyurl.com/tsukubachallenge
  • 05:54 The "robot gap" widens and isn't expected to slow down. tinyurl.com/robot-gap Notice that China and India don't make the top 10.
  • 06:42 Homeless UK robot will work for food (tinyurl.com/6aranj), or at least his animator will.
  • 08:40 Long before the Terminator or Gort, there was "Tik-Tok of Oz" (1914) and "The Clockwork Man" (1923) tinyurl.com/old-stories
  • 08:46 I-Wei needs a new challenge for Crabfu Steamworks, so we thought this 1865 creation would do the trick tinyurl.com/crabfu-challenge
  • 09:23 It's not Wall-E, but this mobile robotic arm built using 3 mm signboard and superglue comes close. tinyurl.com/pseudo-wall-e
  • 10:47 What do robot loving Australian media consultants do in their spare time? They make Robot Wars videos tinyurl.com/robosapien-wars
  • 11:10 The MarvelMind Grumbler robot (tinyurl.com/grumbler-alive) looked really hot, but no website or blog updates in a long, long time...
  • 13:07 See the world through the other person's eyes. A simple concept, that some never learn... tinyurl.com/6jju4v
  • 13:11 Thanks to the Wizard of Oz, the Tinman got his heart... but what happened next? tinyurl.com/2x83db
  • 19:36 Spykee and Rovio duke it out. (tinyurl.com/spykee-vs-rovio) We understand the verdict is being appealed due to cheating by one bot.
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UK Robot Gathering Gains Momentum, and Feet (Video)

uk robot meetup

A small but active and extremely dedicated group of UK robot builders that connected via the RoboSavvy online forums have started to gather regularly to compete, share information, and show off their creations. The group, which includes humanoid, hexapod, and other types of robots, meets during the regular ROBOtic competitions in Birmingham.

BillB, one of the RoboSavvy hexapod fanatics was kind enough to share the video (see below) of their most recent meet-up.


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Robot Servo Serial Mode Comparision

serial robot servo comparision

Many robot servo manufacturers sell servos that can be controlled serially, but unfortunately their implementations aren't typically well documented which makes it difficult to make design choices. However, the Aichi Institute of Technology Tetsujin Project website has a fairly detailed webpage comparing serial servo designs from Hitec, Kondo, Robotis, and Futaba. Here's the original webpage, and a Google translated version.

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