Nintendo Famicon System Still Going Strong

image1489788429.jpgIt"s been decades since the Nintendo Famicon game system was first introduced, but you can still see lots of clones for sale here.

In addition to knockoffs of the basic game system, there are portable game systems that look like a DS with the huge Famicon cartridge sticking out of it's back. And, there are master cartridges with scores of games preinstalled.

Wednesday, when we stopped by to see what was going on, there was actually a queue lined up to play with the demo units, so the weekend lines must extend down the street a ways.

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Toy Sales Dip Slightly

Given the current economic woes we were quite surprised to find out that US toy sales hadn’t dropped off the cliff. Quite the contrary. The NPD Group reports that for 2008 overall toy sales only fell by 3%, though sales in the critical fourth quarter did decline by 5%.

However, the NPD statistics do appear to show a shift in buyer patterns, no doubt to lower priced items, with sales of building sets and plushies gaining by well over 20% while toy vehicles, youth electronics, and dolls all experienced double digit drops.

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