SketchUp issues on the new Mac Lion OSX

google sketchup problems mac lion

I wanted to work on a new artbot design using Sketchup on my MacBookPro, but immediately ran into a hangup. Sketchup is the third program I've run into that has problems running under the Mac Lion OSX. Thankfully, the Google Sketchup website (link below) lists all the known issue and suggested work-arounds. Hopefully they will be resolved soon. Otherwise I'll have to power up my old WindDoze system, which I really don't want to do just for this one small project.

(Via Known SketchUp issues on the new Mac Lion OSX - SketchUp Help.)

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Google Sketchup Used for Robot Design

google sketchup robot design

I've used Google Sketchup in the past to design robot parts and sometimes to create 3D graphics to illustrate articles and manuals. It's extremly handy, easy to use, and the price is right. From time to time I run across other robot builders using it, but I'm not aware of any forum, blog, or website specifically devoted to robot design using Sketchup.

A good example would be the 'Design. Click. Build' Blog that features all types of tips, tricks, and techniques for applying Sketchup for woodworking. If anyone knows, or publishes, a similar website for robotics, please let me know.

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