“Shelved” – A Must-See Robot Short Video (Video)


"Shelved" has got to be the best short video featuring robots that I've seen in a long, long time. Produced at Auckland New Zealand's Media Design School, the short fuses humor, technique, and high production values into a memorable, worthwhile experience. Get on "the escalator of awesomeness".

Shelved from Media Design School on Vimeo.

Film buffs will recognize the influence of Kevin Smith and Richard Linklater, which is all to the good. Check it out, even if you're not into robots.

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Star Trek Phaser Rifle Auctioned for $231,000


Trekkies will pay anything to grab artifacts from their favorite show, especially when the item is particularly unique or rare.

The one-of-a-kind phaser rifle only showed up in one episode of Star Trek, and that also happened to be the second pilot, though it's image also appeared on a Star Trek lunchbox (I didn't have one of those, unfortunately).

As extreme as $231,000 sounds, it was far from the highest auction price ever paid for a Star Trek collectable. In 2008 a collector paid $304,750 for the captain's chair from the Enterprise set, and a miniature model of the Enterprise went for $576,000 in 2006.

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MAKE: Hardware Innovation Workshop


The 2013 MAKE Hardware Innovation Workshop is scheduled for May 14-15 at the College of San Mateo. The agenda is jam packed with knowledgeable presentors, like Chris Anderson (DIY Drones), Zack Smith (HAXLR8R), and Massimo Banzi (Arduino).

If you plan on attending the Bay Area Maker Faire, then you should consider arriving a couple days early to attend the Hardware Innovation Workshop.

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