Workhorse MakerBot 3D Printer At iheartengineering

iheartengineering found that the key to producing large parts without warping was to maintain a stable ambient thermal environment.

This was especially true because their offices are located in a converted brick warehouse building with concrete floors, lots of drafts, and inconsistent heating during the winter.

To deal with the unstable office temperatures, and to make sure that any objectionable vapors given off by the MakerBot were exhausted outside the building, they constructed a simple housing and venting system.

3D printer

As a part of the venting design they needed a part to mate between the housing and off the shelf ducting. So they did what any self-respecting engineering firm would do - they quickly designed the part they needed, using open source CAD software of course, and printed it out on the MakerBot.

The special housing allows them to run the 3D printer continuously for hours, and sometimes for days, on end. The stable temperatures result in consistent prints as well as allowing them to produce parts as large as the MakerBot workspace will allow.

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DARwiN-OP Advanced Humanoid Robot Gets New Feet (Video)

robotis robot feet

The already awesome DARwin-OP humanoid robot just got better. Robotis, the manufacturer of most of the servos, electronics, and hardware that goes into DARwin-op, announced the release of new force sensing feet.

The new feet include built-in force sensing resistors (FSR), and comes pre-assembled as a unit with hinge frames and covers. According to Robotis, swapping DARwin's existing feet with the new foot design should be very straight forward.


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Aldebaran NAO and ROMEO Humanoid Robots on French TV (Video)

aldebaran romeo robot

The Aldebaran NAO and ROMEO humanoid robots were featured on television, including interviews with some of the key Aldebaran management team.

For those already familiar with the NAO robot, the program doesn't really present anything new or exciting. It does, however, include some good close-up views of ROMEO - the company's life-sized/person-sized humanoid development project.


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PYGMY – Robot Rings That Enhance Communication (Video)

120315 Interaction 2012 29

The researchers at Keio University here do some surprising work. They're breaking new ground with user interfaces and communication, both between man and machines, and between people. Their projects usually involve the application of readily available technology in new and different ways.

A good example is the PYGMY robot ring project presented by Masayasu Ogata (Anzai Imai Lab) at the Interaction 2012 Conference held last week in Tokyo.


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Why Would Robotic Aircraft Be Controlled by Human Hand Gestures? (Video)

robot drone hand signals

Perhaps I'm missing something, it happens some times.

A recent article by Mark Brown on the Wired UK website presents the research being pursued by Yale Song and others at MIT exploring the potential to use hand gestures and body positions in a real time aircraft carrier environment to direct unmanned planes on the flight deck.

Their approach, which in some ways is similar to Microsoft's Kinect system, captures and analyzes the deck crew's body and hand motions extremely rapidly and with a high degree of accuracy in order to generate commands that the robotic drone aircraft can understand and respond to.


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Wahoo – The Affordable Smartphone Biped Robot (Video)

biped robot

Uncle Bob (a.k.a. Robert Lam) has taught numerous humanoid robot builders how to create smooth, realistic motions, has designed a new and extremely affordable biped robot named "Wahoo".

Capable of smooth walking using only three servos, Wahoo can also be controlled by an Android based smartphone. Uncle Bob has an iOS version in the works as well.

The robot stands approximately 15 cm tall and sports an Android shaped body shell produced on a 3D printer. The servos are low-cost 9 gram types with 6 AAA batteries hidden in the robots legs. Communication with the smartphone is via Bluetooth, so it should be possible to control the robot from any Bluetooth enabled computer.


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Applying Robotics To Fashion Marketing

120201 Sugiura Design Office Edit 2

Sugiura Machine Design Office's innovative work applying robotics to fashion marketing via their Hina and Hina-Co animated and interactive display mannequins will be featured tomorrow (February 2, 2012) on the TV-Tokyo economic news program "MPlus 9".

The segment, scheduled for broadcast at 8:56 am, will include interviews with Tomio Sugiura, a leading Japanese designer of automated systems including state of the art wind turbines and other complex electromechanical devices. Sugiura is also well known as the creator of Dynamizer, the ROBO-ONE champion humanoid robot.

Via: Sugiura Machine Design Office

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Minority Report Style Ad Startles People In Tokyo Train Station (Video)

120201 Minority Report

At first glance it appears as if all of Philip K. Dick's worst fears about advertising have suddenly materialized in the middle of Shinagawa station, one of the busiest train stations in Japan. The main character featured in a Suntory advertisement for black oolong tea, with purported health benefits, seems to follow each and every passerby looking them straight in the eyes.


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