STEM Learning Humanoid Robot Kit Featured on the Cover of ROBOT Magazine

150507 ROBOT Magazine Cover 1

The latest issue of ROBOT Magazine, on newsstands within the next week or sooner, features a major review of the ROBOTIS-MINI humanoid robot kit, including all the specifications, in’s and out’s, close up photos, and the background on why this robot kit is a great choice for anyone that wants to get involved with humanoids or wants to stimulate young learners about STEM.


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RAPIRO Meets Darwin MINI

1 DSCF5881

Two of the most interesting, and most affordable, humanoid robots that have come on the scene recently are the Darwin MINI (Robotis) and RAPIRO. Both of the new robots have strong/cute personalities and are open-source designs encouraging users to engage, experiment, and learn by doing. They’re extremely user friendly.

Yoshihiro Shibata, a top Japanese humanoid robot designer currently working with Sugiura Machine Design Office, was kind enough to share these side-by-side photos comparing Darwin Mini and Rapiro-

2 DSCF5886

3 DSCF5880


4 DSCF5878

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