RAPIRO Meets Darwin MINI

1 DSCF5881

Two of the most interesting, and most affordable, humanoid robots that have come on the scene recently are the Darwin MINI (Robotis) and RAPIRO. Both of the new robots have strong/cute personalities and are open-source designs encouraging users to engage, experiment, and learn by doing. They’re extremely user friendly.

Yoshihiro Shibata, a top Japanese humanoid robot designer currently working with Sugiura Machine Design Office, was kind enough to share these side-by-side photos comparing Darwin Mini and Rapiro-

2 DSCF5886

3 DSCF5880


4 DSCF5878

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Robotis Darwin Mini Robot Plays Beach Flag (Video)

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The Robotis Darwin Mini humanoid robot is getting a lot of attention, even though it isn’t schedule to go on sale until sometime next year. The robot, which should set a new standard for outstanding price/performance, demonstrated its skill playing a Beach Flag game at a robot competition in Tokyo over the weekend:

Note: This is an early prototype of the robot, currently being evaluated by Sugiura Machine Design Office.

The robot will be open-source/open-hardware, enabling users to add their own functionality, sensors, and even design/create their own 3D printed shells. It’s expected to sell in the USD$500-$600 price range.

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