Robosavvy Robotics Founder Limor Schweitzer Featured on Fox Business (Video)

 Creating a robot with a 3D printer | Fox Business Video

Robosavvy founder Limor Schweitzer was featured on Fox Business discussing the impact of 3D printing on robot design and manufacturing.

Creating a robot with a 3D printer | Fox Business Video 1

Schweitzer compared the cost of some well known research robots, which can run from $30k to over $1 million, versus much more accessible 3D printed humanoids in the $1,000-$3,000 range.

Creating a robot with a 3D printer | Fox Business Video 2

To illustrate his points, Schweitzer brought along two robots - Franky, a surprisingly complex and capable humanoid (closeup below), and Fonzie, a dancing and entertainment humanoid featuring the 3D printed head of Jason Bradbury - host of the UK Gadget Show program.

Creating a robot with a 3D printer | Fox Business Video 3

Here’s the full interview:





Via: Creating a robot with a 3D printer | Fox Business Video

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Head Mounted Display Set To Roll Out (Video)

head mount display

I've been anticipating the release of practical head mounted display for years since they have tremendous potential for robot and remote telepresence applications. So far all of the designs have either been obtrusive and block the wearer's vision somehow, or they have had limitations that have precluded commercialization.

Now Brother Industries has announced they will roll out their AiRScouter transparent LCD display this Fall for business/industrial applications and hope to follow up with a commercially available version in the near future.


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Larry Page Kind of Explains Why Google Bought Motorola

google motorola android

One lesson that was drummed into my thick skull early on was never to accept the first answer to any important question. I was taught that you absolutely must ask "Why?" at least three or four times before you even begin to start uncovering the truth. Never take anything at face value. Always look under the surface, and beyond the superficial, if finding the true answer is important to you. I was reminded of that lesson this morning as I read through the official PR surrounding Google's surprising move to swallow Motorola Mobility Holdings.

Here is what Larry Page, the Google CEO, had to say:

"In 2007, Motorola was a founding member of the Open Handset Alliance that worked to make Android the first truly open and comprehensive platform for mobile devices. I have loved my Motorola phones from the StarTAC era up to the current DROIDs."

True enough. No way to argue with that.

In 2008, Motorola bet big on Android as the sole operating system across all of its smartphone devices. It was a smart bet and we’re thrilled at the success they’ve achieved so far."

True again, though there were a lot of other companies that stepped up to the table and placed big bets on Android as well.


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Lockheed Martin Promotional Video Features NAO Robot (Video)

lockheed martin robot

I didn't realize that Lockheed Martin, one of the world's largest aerospace, defense, security, and technology companies, has projects underway utilizing the Aldebaran NAO humanoid robot, but they must have because their latest corporate promotional video, titled "Visions of Tomorrow" features the easily recognizable, and extremely cute, robot from France.

According to the video caption:

"Visions of Tomorrow" reflects the Corporation's dedicated workforce, growing technology portfolio, and innovative spirit. The video is a tribute to those innovators and the sense of greater purpose they share.


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RoboDance Fundraiser Hot Domain Auction

robosapien robot dance

Software development isn't cheap, and it's particularly difficult if you happen to be a sole developer committed to supporting and enhancing a popular open source software project out of your own pocket.

For years Robert Oschler has contributed to the robot community in many ways, including freely sharing his knowledge and expertise, creating hilariously entertaining robot videos and unique new robot songs, in addition to developing the RoboDance project that enables users to control a wide range of robots from their PC or other devices. He's even gone to the extreme of adding voice recognition capability and Skype functionality to the open source system.

While his dedication and commitment to the project have brought him some level of recognition and fame, like being featured in the New York TImes, it hasn't attracted funding to underwrite the project. As a result, he's putting several very attractive internet domains on the auction block, including potentially strong SEO ranking properties like,,, and

It's a great chance for the right person to pickup a hot, highly relevant, domain at bargain pricing, while helping out the robot community in the process.

(Via RoboDance fundraiser.)

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It’s A Bug-Eat-Bug Robot Business World Out There (Video)

robot insects

The basic concept is simple enough and has been around for years, perhaps decades. Mount a button battery and tiny pager/cellphone vibrator motor on the back of a cut off toothbrush head and you have a cute robot insect that will scramble around providing hours of amusement and entertainment.

Innovation First took the concept to another level, refining the design and adding a lot of character and personality to the robots creating their wildly popular Hexbug line of robotic toys. While the issue of whether or not the Hexbug robots actually inspire kids to get into engineering and science career paths, the toys are pervasive and seem to be on toy and electronic shop shelves everywhere.


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