RobotWorld Korea 2013: Robotis Set For Major Rollout?


We're only a week away from the opening ceremony for RobotWorld 2013 in Seoul, Korea and we're seeing hints that some major new initiatives will be disclosed by leading Korean robot companies like Robotis.

There's no English language information available yet, but scanning their website notations in Korean that the Robotis booth will feature "New DREAM, SMART, DARwin-Mini, and the OpenCM9.04 open platform".

Unofficial rumors going around in the robot community are that DARwin-Mini is a scaled down version of the DARwin-OP, retaining a lot of the features and functionality at a much more affordable price point, perhaps well under $1,000 for the base model. People are saying that DARwin-Mini will be open source including the hardware design, which opens the door for customers that want to 3D print their own shells and accessories. Michael Overstreet, a prolific robot blogger and big Robotis supporter, posted some early photos of the DARwin-Mini on his blog.

We'll find out at the event next week. Watch for the latest information directly from RobotWorld here on Robots Dreams.

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