How to make a robot turn… (Video)


Our human bodies come designed with around 108 degrees of freedom allowing us to move very flexibly. Unfortunately, because of cost, packaging, and complexity issues, the most common humanoid robots on the market today only have 16 to 24 degrees of freedom. That makes it more of a challenge when we want to have our robot execute some simple moves, like turning.

The humanoid's legs can't twist or turn organically. In fact it's often difficult for novice robot builders to get their robot to turn at all. What's the secret?


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Robotis Bioloid Premium robot sports strong sensor expandability (Video)

Robotis robot
The new Bioloid Premium Humanoid robot kit is just coming on the market. It’s been a long, but well worth it, wait. The performance of the robot looks outstanding, and finally we’re seeing robots with real style and design features from Robotis

One of the things that has us really turned on about the Premium Robot Kit is its new controller with 6 external, general purpose input/output ports and ADC support. That feature should make using analog sensors are really pleasure.


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OLLO: Robot system designed for young learners

Ollo robot

This time of year we always get lots of requests for gift recommendations, especially from parents or grandparents who want to encourage the younger robot fans in their lives to pursue their passion in a positive, educational direction.

One of the robot products that is specifically designed to fill that need is the OLLO robot system developed by Robotis in Korea. From the very beginning the system was developed with kids in mind, and the company has even developed sample curriculum for teachers, coaches, and parents, laying out week by week lessons with well thought out goals and learnings.

We'll be posted a detailed review of the OLLO system within the next two weeks.

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US humanoid robots are getting are bigger, and badder. (Video)

Giger robot
It’s really too bad that we can’t be in two (or three or four) places at once. We really wanted to see Giger, the 9 pound, 2 foot tall humanoid robot with 24 degrees of freedom in action at iHobby. Giger uses 16 of the Dynamixel RX-64 servos plus another 8 RX-28 servos, and it takes two 1900 mAh LiPo batteries to keep this humongous biped moving, and move he does.

With a little fine tuning, and battle experience, Giger could be ready to enter the fray over here for one of the ROBO-ONE competitions next year.


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New humanoid robot from Robotis really rocks! (Video)

Thanks to Michael Overstreet, we’re able to share the video below direct from the iHobby 2009 currently taking place in Chicago. Robotis is showing off their latest Bioloid humanoid robot standing on a tilted rotating platform. The robot, equipped with a new Balance Sensor Module is able to maintain perfect balance and stability. This is definitely going to give the competition some heartburn once the Robotis robot is released in a few months.


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Champion Robots Are Just Like Kids (Video)

What happens when two humanoid robot builders, one a Japanese ROBO-ONE champion for half a decade and the other an American RoboGames gold metal winner without peer, meet up in Korea to fight it out?

Roaring testosterone? Tempers soaring out of control? Blood, guts, servo motors burning, gears flying?

Nope. Not at all.

They play baseball, of course!

And, they’re actually pretty good at it. Check out the action around minute 3:00.

On the pitching mound representing Japan at the Korea Robot Game Festival, is Mega Dynamizer designed and built by Tomio Sugiura. At the plate, doing a great job of connect with the fast balls (and wearing the cool slacks) is Zyn, created by Rob(ot) Farrell, the driving force behind Farrell Robotics.

Credits: Video footage by Clarence from A-Main Objectives, and transcoded by Limor at RoboSavvy.

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RoboGames 2009: Bioloid Premium Humanoid Robot (Video)

We haven’t had the opportunity to log any 1:1 hands-on time with the new Bioloid Humanoid Robot from Robotis yet, but we did get to see it perform at RoboGames 2009.

Two things were immediately obvious. First, the robots performance has improved a lot, and is much more realistic, than the previous generation. Second, Robotis has put a lot of time and effort into making sure that owners can hack, modify, and add their own particular style to the robot. That’s all goodness.

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Robots With Style

Several years ago, when we saw some of the earliest Bioloid robot kits for education we gave them an 8.0 (out of 10) for functionality and price/performance, and a 3.0 for style.

As good as the early kits were, the overall image and design left a lot to be desired. They had great teacher appeal, but would never have gotten the adreniline pumping in the heart of young manga reading, video game playing, Transformers and Gundam addicts.

Now, with the release of the Bioloid Premium Humanoid Robot kit, Bioloid has certainly addressed the style and image problems in spades.
-- Posted using the Robots Dreams iPhone.

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