Key Android Internet Domains Put on the Market

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Our friend Robert Oschler, a well known developer of robot related applications like RoboDance and mind controlled robot interfaces, wrote in to let us know that he's put four great Android internet domains on the market.

Robert wants to focus his time and resources on developing more interface applications that empower the disabled by making it easy for them to interact independently with the world using robotics. He just doesn't have the time to put into effectively leveraging the key Android domains he already owns. His loss could potentially be your gain, especially if you want to develop a high traffic, high visibility Android related website.

Here's what Robert had to say:

In June of this year Google's Andy Rubin announced there were 900,000 new  Android activations every day.  Fast forward only a short few months to  September and Eric Schmidt proudly announced that there are now over 1.3  MILLION new Android device activations each and every day!  These are premium  domain names that combine Android with two of the most popular web keywords of  all time, "blog" and job".

For anyone interested in the sizzling hot smart-phone or tablet PC space, either one of these domain names is a must have. For those with a longer term  view, robotics is rapidly becoming the biggest new industry ever and anyone  interested in being in that exciting space can not go wrong with these domain  names.  They can give your existing or new android focused web site a powerful  head start and a prestigious name you'll be proud of. At the same time your  web site name will establish a powerful brand and be a fantastic keyword  phrase the search engines will love. Don't let this opportunity slip away and  let one of your competitors grab these domain names before you do.

If you're interested in acquiring any of Robert's domains, then please contact him directly at NewImage.

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GALAXY XMAS HUGS Robot – Behind The Scenes (Video)

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I was invited to meet with the Nakagawa's at RT Corp in Akihabara last Friday to get an exclusive briefing covering the development of the Galaxy XMAS HUGS robot installation currently being featured at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo.

The Samsung Galaxy organization wanted to put together a unique exhibition at the Galaxy Cafe for the holiday season. Something that would utilize and feature the leading edge Galaxy technology coupled with a strong appeal that would connect with potential customers emotionally as well as logically.

The Nakagawa's were excited by the challenge and immediately saw the opportunity to combine several Galaxy products running the Android operating system with their RIC Android humanoid robot platform in a way that would create an engaging and memorable experience for everyone that tried it.


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Larry Page Kind of Explains Why Google Bought Motorola

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One lesson that was drummed into my thick skull early on was never to accept the first answer to any important question. I was taught that you absolutely must ask "Why?" at least three or four times before you even begin to start uncovering the truth. Never take anything at face value. Always look under the surface, and beyond the superficial, if finding the true answer is important to you. I was reminded of that lesson this morning as I read through the official PR surrounding Google's surprising move to swallow Motorola Mobility Holdings.

Here is what Larry Page, the Google CEO, had to say:

"In 2007, Motorola was a founding member of the Open Handset Alliance that worked to make Android the first truly open and comprehensive platform for mobile devices. I have loved my Motorola phones from the StarTAC era up to the current DROIDs."

True enough. No way to argue with that.

In 2008, Motorola bet big on Android as the sole operating system across all of its smartphone devices. It was a smart bet and we’re thrilled at the success they’ve achieved so far."

True again, though there were a lot of other companies that stepped up to the table and placed big bets on Android as well.


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Google Grabs Motorola Mobility for a 63% Premium

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This was definitely a surprise, especially given the fact that Google was willing to pay a 63% premium over last Friday's market price for Motorola Mobility Holdings. Of course, no one has any doubts that Google is totally committed to Android and fully intends to make it the defacto standard, ubiquitously connected, operating system for cell phones, mobile computing, robotics, and the cloud.

At the same time, I have to wonder what the primary motivation for the extremely high evaluation was. It can't be based on Motorola Mobility's existing product lines since customers for mobile products tend to be fickle and change phones and makers almost as if they were seasonal fashion items instead of technology gadgets.

Perhaps Google is buying the talent, though that's a risky move. Highly talented developers and managers often jump ship when a major change in management or ownership happens. The most likely factor, in my opinion, is the patent base and position controlled by Motorola Mobility.

"Google said that access to Motorola, which makes phones that run on Google's Android mobile operating system, will "enable Google to supercharge the Android ecosystem and will enhance competition in mobile computing.""

No matter what their reasoning, the move has to be great news for the robotics community. You can be sure we'll see lots Android enhancements and features coming down the road that will spur robot connectivity to all types of devices and to the cloud.

(Via Google to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion - Aug. 15, 2011.)

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