Intel Jimmy – 21st Century Robot Project – Performance Demonstration (Video)

Intel Jimmy Robot

Intel wants to remove a lot of the barriers to entry in robotics so that more people can get involved, and hopefully contribute their ideas, know-how, and skills to rapidly evolving the technology. And, of course they hope that will also result in lots of new robots incorporating Intel semiconductors and other products.

One of their big initiatives is "The 21st Century Robot Project" that will make available robot kits featuring completely Open-Source humanoid robots with advanced functionality. This will allow developers to focus on their application and particular area of interest without getting hung up trying to make the robot walk.

In this initial video, Jimmy - the first 21st Century Robot humanoid to debut, demonstrates some of his skills and capabilities.

I’ll be posting additional information and videos on Jimmy’s development, specifications, the two other smaller Jimmy versions, and future plans.

Video footage courtesy of Andrew Alter (Trossen Robotics -

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