Kondo RoboSpot Relocating

Kondo robospot 5

For the past eight years, Kondo RoboSpot has been an Akihabara based mecca for humanoid robot enthusiasts and fans from all over the world. The facility has been featured on numerous televisions programs, both in Japan and overseas, and has hosted regular robot competitions including the KondoCup Robot Soccer matches and KondoLand Multi-legged Robot Obstacle Course races. It has been a feature on tours of the Akihabara area. It became one of the ‘must visit’ robot landmarks in the area. 

The company just announced that as of the end of this month, March 31st, the current RoboSpot facility will be closed and will be relocated to the 1st floor of the Kondo corporate headquarters, a few train stops north of the Akihabara location. The new facility, equipped with humanoid robot practice rings, work tables, and fabrication equipment for use by customers, is expected to be open for business sometime in May this year.

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