Full-Body Imitation of Human Motions with Kinect and DARwIn-OP (Video)

Here's a robot video that I found interesting:

In this video, full-body imitation system for DARwIn-OP is introduced. The proposed system can perform full-body imitation of human motion by humanoid robot. By using straightforward geometry and based on clavicle, the system not only requires less time for computation but also satisfies the mechanical constraints and dynamics consistency feasibly. The motion capture is one of the easiest way to generate humanoid motions. However, there are lots of problems. Often, it requires offline process for building motion database. High computational cost is also a big problem in a small-size humanoid. Moreover, because of difference between human and robot kinematic structure, the original captured human motions are often infeasible movement for a humanoid. In this research, with visual motion captured by Microsoft Kinect Camera and small-size DARwIn-OP humanoid robot, we propose a human imitation system that cleared the mentioned problems.
By AISlabRitsumeikan


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