Children making robots for 3D printing (Video)

Here's a robot video that I found interesting: Thinker Thing allows anyone to custom manufacture their own perfect product 3D printing, what the economist calls the next industrial revolution is based on a simple promise, the ability to custom manufacture a real object from a computer model. But who builds these computer models? Current 3D printer software is based on outdated concepts from the 80s. Its difficult to use and takes years for professional designers to learn. How much of a revolution will this be if only a handful of professionals can create for this technology? At Thinker Thing we have developed a radical new process that can build real objects using just your preferences. A touch screen user interface so simple and natural that even young children can custom manufacture their own perfect product from their mobile phone. A 3D printer is not required, our applications seamlessly integrate with current and mature 3D printer services like Shapeways. The customer simply presses print and their object arrives in the post in the material of their choice, plastic, full colour, rubber, brass,ceramic, silver & gold utilising the latest and best printer technologies for as little as $6. Applications that will feature our technology are available for download on standard app stores such as Google Play and whilst our technology can literally be used for any kind of object our first applications focus on game and toy based objects. The power behind our patent pending innovation is a process that uses "Evolutionary Computation" to grow a perfect model from simple preference based choices. Our evolutionary algorithm based engine utilises crossover and mutation processes similar to how life itself was created. Which object lives on to produce the next generation is determined by the users preferences, and the genetic make up, the DNA of these objects, are merged and mutated to produce the next generation of objects. Genes survive because they are best suited to survival, when that survival is determined by the users preferences the result is a complex aesthetically pleasing object ideal for that unique user. In this way within a short period the user evolves their own perfect product using their own preferences.
By thinker thing


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