King Kizer Z Designed to Take on and Destroy Full Sized Humaniod Robot Opponents (Video)

キングカイザーZ コンビネーションブロー  YouTube

Nao Maru, the creator of the King Kizer series of ROBO-ONE champion humanoid robots, is taking the game to an entirely new level. As a part of Nippon Television “Real Robot Battle” competition, Maru put together King Kizer Z, a super sized humanoid robot that should be able to more than hold it’s own in the ring, and potentially take home the crown.

King Kizer Z stands just over 2 meters tall and tips the scales at 230 kg (506 lb.) which makes it a very formidable opponent, especially since Maru always plays to win.

Maru’s massive robot is equipped with pneumatic air cylinders in each arm and programming that enables it to throw a killer combination punch:

And, if that wasn’t enough, King Kizer Z has built-in canons capable of firing up to 12 shots per bout:


Via: MARU Family


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