Huge Real Robot Battle Robots on Display at Nippon TV in Tokyo

ロボット日本一決定戦 リアルロボットバトル|日本テレビ 

Nippon TV is gearing up for the Real Robot Battle program, scheduled for broadcast here in Japan on Friday, December 13th starting at 7:00 pm. The humanoid robot competitors have been designed, and will be piloted by several of the top ROBO-ONE and university teams on the scene.

To generate more interest and enthusiasm, two of the life sized robots are currently displayed in Nippon TV’s 2nd floor lobby along with the championship belt. It’s hard to get a feel for the robots size from the photo. They are actually around 2 meters tall and weigh over 200 Kg (440 lbs).














Via: Real Robot Battle | Nippon TV


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