24th ROBO-ONE Competition Regulations Released

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The latest revision to the ROBO-ONE humanoid robot competition regulations is online, and surprisingly there is lots of red ink. The ROBO-ONE organising committee always highlights any changes from the previous version in red to make it easier for competitors to find the differences, and to avoid any disputes or confusion at the events.

For the most part, most of the changes in the revision for the 24th ROBO-ONE competition are fairly minor, but a few may cause some heartburn or controversy. Nevertheless, it’s surprising to see so many changes in the regulations for a competition that’s been held every six months for the past 11+ years.

Some of the changes that immediately caught my eye are:

1) Robot weight is limited to a maximum of 3 Kg or lighter. There are some heavier robots that actively compete, and they usually have a strong advantage, so this change will probably make the matches more equal and interesting. At the same time, it’s really a shame that the larger robots over 3 Kg will be deprived the chance to compete.

2) The length of the 9 meter pre-qualifying sprint course may be changed depending on the venue. Does this imply that they are considering moving the event to another location? Perhaps.

3) There is more definition about the center of gravity and angle of attack during matches. The clarification is probably good, but will be hard to understand clearly and for the referee to administer. 

4) There’s an added section with regard to start/stop buttons on autonomous robots which seems to imply that they expect more autonomous competitors. In the past there has only been one or two autonomous entries that made it into the finals.

5) They seem to be very concerned about attacks from a squatting position, and also robots that deliberately throw themselves off balance to attack. They even characterize that strategy as a ‘desperation technique.'

Via: ROBO-ONE Regulations (PDF)


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