World Maker Faire 2013: B9 Creator 3D Printer Stands Out

b9 creator 3D printer

In addition to the FormLabs Form 1 printer I posted about previously, the B9 Creator 3D printer from B9Creations also produces high resolution prints that look amazingly good.


According to the booth staff, the printer has proven quite popular with independent jewellery designers and other creators that need to produce small parts with an excellent surface finish. They find it to be a great replacement technology for the wax models used for jewellery casting, especially when there's a need to faithfully reproduce small detail.


The printer z-axis slices can be as small as 6.35 microns in height, while the overall print volume is 102.4mm x 76.8mm x 200 mm (obviously the printer designers thought in inches since those dimensions work out to 4" x 3" x 8".

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One comment

  1. Matt Bauer

    Nice! Although the technology has always been very appealing to me, I’ve been reluctant to dive into the rapid prototype/3D printer genre. It’s only because of the simple fact that I hadn’t been all too impressed with the surface finish of the more affordable “hobbyist machines”. I don’t know the cost of this one yet, but the resolution has definitely caught my eye. It may finally be the right time to make the move from CNC milling everything to 3D printing some of my designs. How exciting!

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