senseFly presents: Mapping the impossible (Video)

Here's a robot video that I found interesting:

A video crew follows senseFly's ( team of engineers marking a historic milestone in proof of surveying techniques, using eBee minidrones to map the epic Matterhorn and construct a 3D model of "the most beautiful mountain". The mission involved the coordination of several teams with multiple eBee drones taking over 2200 images in 11 flights, all within a few hours of a sunny alpine morning. The results are stunning: a high-definition 3D point-cloud made of 300 million points covering an area of over 2800 hectares with an average resolution of 20 cm. A special thanks to our partners Pix4D ( for the creation of the 3D model, Drone Adventures ( for mission coordination and MapBox ( for online visualisation. senseFly is a Parrot company (
By senseFly


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