(2) 3D Printing Project – Drawbot – Makelangelo (Video)

Here's a robot video that I found interesting:

Provided by 3dhacker.com: While visiting Rome, Italy I ran into a hackerspace showing giant wall drawings from their Open Source "drawbot". (The programmer for Slic3r, Alessandro Ranellucci, is part of this hackerspace.) Impressed I returned home with the plan to build a drawbot myself with the help of my 3D printer. As most projects go, I stumbled around and met a great hacker/maker, Dan Royer from Vancouver, Canada, who constantly improves the drawbot experience and sells premium ones. (He's really excited to educate kids about engineering!) One thing led to another and my drawbot makes awesomely huge drawings effortlessly! Dan Royer's Drawbot - Makelangelo: http://www.marginallyclever.com For the software interfaced mentioned in the video, navigate MarginallyClever.com as things evolve on his site. (Note: Dan has improved the interface for Mac and Windows users.) Showcasing 3D Printing: http://www.3dhacker.com Open Source Box Making Tool: http://www.makercase.com/
By 3dhacker

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