The Matrix: Learn Skills Instantly – Fact or Fictional (Video)

Here's a robot video that I found interesting:

Can learning kung fu with be as simple as a brain download away like in the popular movie The Matrix? Neo sure made it look simple as he seemingly defied gravity battling Morpheus mid air. Is there any truth to the technology? Will we ever be able to download a skill directly into our brain without breaking a sweat? You may be shocked at the answer. Watch and find out! **New Episodes Every Friday** What do you want to see featured on Fact or Fictional? Leave a comment or video response below and give us your ideas! Want more Fact or Fictional? Subscribe to TechFeed! Like, Comment & Share This Episode: Check out more Tech Feed shows: Tech Feed on Google+: Tech Feed on Facebook: Come follow Veronica on Twitter! See more of Veronica on Tekzilla:
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