Robot Destruction in Slow Motion! (Video)

Here's a robot video that I found interesting:

Destruction is fun, and robots are cool. So why not watch some robot destruction in slow motion? Ray Billings is the father of Last Rites, and approached building this robotic deathlord somewhat simply: make a giant weapon and attach a tough drivetrain to shove it at your opponent. Brute force has no better friend. See Last Rites destroy a table, bowling ball, and other everyday items in SUPER SLOW MOTION! Thanks Nimby! Follow Ray Billings For more Combat Robots visit Experience unique insight into various different events and phenomenon employing high-speed cameras, time-lapse, and macro lenses every Thursday! Watch More Distort on TestTube Subscribe Now! Distort on Twitter Distort on Facebook Distort on Google+ David Prager on Twitter Mauricio Balvanera on Twitter
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