Biped Robot Walks Just Like A Human Being (Video)

walking robot

Dr. Guero, famous for his bicycling robot, has fine-tuned/hacked a Kondo KHR-3HV humanoid robot to walk with a gait that is so close to an actual human being that it's spooky.

Knowledgeable robot developers will immediately notice some of Dr. Guero's changes, including the surprisingly small footprint. It appears that he has been able to achieve smooth walking, even on a smooth slippery floor, using feet that are essentially small aluminium brackets rather than the larger stock feet supplied by Kondo.

So far the only data available is included in the description field of the video he uploaded to YouTube a few hours ago. Hopefully he'll share more details on his website, or in a future RoboCon magazine issue.


2 thoughts on “Biped Robot Walks Just Like A Human Being (Video)

  1. This is the most amazing walk ever devised other than Petman. Getting a stable walk like this on such a small robot inspiring.

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