Social Greetings in HRI – Video (Video)

Here's a robot video that I found interesting:

ABSTRACT Robots do not convey the social behaviors that allow them to seamlessly interact with humans. We consider the social behaviors of greetings and how they can be applied to Human Robot Interaction (HRI). We take a subset of social theory as described by Hall's proxemics and Kendon's observations of greetings, and operationalize them on a robot. Our hypothesis is that basing robot behaviors on the social science of human behavior will make the robot appear to convey social intelligence. Specifically, we programmed a Nao robot to engage in a distance salutation, approach, close salutation and transition. A Vicon motion capture system tracked the location and orientation of the robot and human. This design appeared effective in simulating social intelligence, especially with respect to eye contact. However, the robot's slow speed and its inability to direct its gaze independently of its head position limited its ability to express necessary social nuances.
By Brandon Heenan


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