Robot Actors Work Cheap (Video)

Feist  Now at Last  Made in China  YouTube

If you're a film director on a tight budget, why not think about substituting robot actors for their more expensive, and sometimes harder to manage, human counterparts?

I know - you're probably thinking that robots can't express the range of emotions and generate empathy like a (good) human actor can at the drop of a hat. Think again. With a little bit of creativity, insight, and dedication robots can do the trick - especially if they happen to be small and really cute.

The video short, "Feist - Now at Last" was released in July, 2011 and still has lasting value. I also noticed that the robots used in the video are an advanced version of the iSobot humanoid robot created by Takara Tomy several years ago. I said "advanced" because the robots head appears to incorporate a small video camera that was never released to the market.

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