Feel Lonely? University of Tsukuba Students Have Your Solution (Video)

Japanese Students Invent  Girlfriend Coat to Hug Lonely People  VIDEO

Are you feeling a little down and alone? Never fear. Enterprising young Japanese students at the University of Tsukuba have invented the perfect answer for you - a 'girlfriend coat'. I kid you not!

You put on the coat, fasten the belt, and then magic happens. The belt tightens and feels just like your girl friend came up from behind, put her arms around you, and gave you a loving squeeze. At the same time, her voice talks to you through headphones telling you how sorry she is to be late.

The students don't have any plans to commercialize the girl friend coat yet. In fact, I'm wondering why they undertook the project to begin with. There is also no word on whether or not any of the students are in a serious relationship or even dating regularly. That remains to be discovered....

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