Affordable Hi Tech Tools for the Hobbyist (Video)

robot walk

Moore's Law, especially as it applies to huge amounts of processing power being packed into relatively cheap electronic devices like smart phones and digital cameras, has opened up new horizons. It wasn't very long ago when high frame rate video capture required special equipment at premium prices. That meant that only research labs or big companies could afford those analysis tools.

Now days affordable consumer level digital cameras incorporate the same functionality. While you still can't achieve ultra-fast frame rates, it is easy to record at 240 fps or higher.

YouTube video by Nago0805

For example, one of the major challenges for a humanoid robot hobbyist is developing good walking routines. Unfortunately the robot moves too fast for our eyes to follow its dynamics in detail. But by recording the robot movement at 240 fps, we can see exactly what's happening, and how all of the robots joints and body parts interact while walking. And, we can check a single frame, or repeat an entire sequence as many times as we like.

We have the tools, it's only a question of what we want to do with them...

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