ROBO-ONE Behind the Scenes (Video)

Here's a robot video that I found interesting:

Featured on - We're on the monorail headed over to the Mirakan Museum of Emerging Science, and just passing the Big Sight convention center. Although it is in Tokyo, most of this area was built on landfill dredged out of Tokyo Bay, so the streets are wide and well laid out. There's lots of science and technology organizations located here. This is a large area where Fuji TV constructs huge sets for some of their popular television programs. We're getting close to the museum and will be there in just a few minutes. There are two monorail stations within five minutes walk of the venue, and several others just a little bit further away. The auditorium is quite large and can easily seat close to 1000 people, and almost all of those seats will be filled for the next few days. By mid-Sunday afternoon, when the final matches start, it will be standing room only. All of the competitors go through a screening check to make sure that their robots comply with the regulations. Space is very limited, so that some competitors have to stake out some floor space to work on their robots. For this competition, there were 112 entries for the ROBO-ONE 22, plus another 76 entries for the ROBO-ONE Light event. There are several large rooms with tables and chairs, and of course electrical power. Each room has a projector showing a video feed of the competition going on in the main auditorium so that the players don't miss any of the action and know when to get prepared for their match. It's a great opportunity for players to practice with other competitors while they're waiting for their turn In the ring. And, of course many people are here just to enjoy the action and have a great time with their family.
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