NAO Smart app – feat. Dixx (Video)

Here's a robot video that I found interesting:

Have you ever wanted to use NAO as you personal assistant ? If you are like me, yes ! So this is why I've created a new app called : SMART that does that :) Let's say you are planning a trip to Paris and you are in London, well you can plan with NAO the trip entirely, but not only that... For Example you can ask him in this situation: What time is it ? What's the time in Paris ? What's the weather in Paris? Next train from London to Paris ? How tall is the Eiffel Tower ? What the France population? Translate "Hello" in French where am I? Navigate from the eiffel tower to Disneyland But it can also answer to general culture questions : Geography, History, Technology, almost everything :) This is big :)
By daxx2k

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