Robosapien PC Based Remote Control – Scripting Test (Video)

Here's a robot video that I found interesting:

This is another video from 2005 showing the PC-based remote control for the Robosapien humanoid robot. This one covers some tests of the scripting function for the program. The program enabled the user to put the robot through a sequence of motions/actions while recording the sequence in a executable file. You could then replay the motion sequence at will whenever necessary. This particular test included 18 separate robot actions, and just began to explore the capabilities of the program. Theoretically the application was capable of handling long extended sequences, but since there was no way to get interactive feedback from the robot, I suspect that longer sequences would eventually run into problems keeping in sync with the robot. One of the capabilities that we planned to add to the application was conditional branching so that you could interactively change the robots action sequence real-time based on external events, including pushing different buttons on the PC/control. Unfortunately, or fortunately, we got distracted by more advanced humanoid robot development and this project ended up sitting on the shelf. The early series of WowWee robots designed by Tilden were surprisingly popular and extremely well-designed, though there were some reports of customer service issues, especially with the later products. They combined technical functions and performance with a real sense of humor. All of them made you laugh in one way or another. Sometimes their behavior or sounds was a little bit childish but that just made it even more fun. Robot developers tend to take themselves way too seriously. You can still find the original robots for sale on Amazon, eBay, and other online retailers.
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