Roboraptor Robot Raptor Dinosaur versus The Dog (Video)

Here's a robot video that I found interesting:

This video footage dates back to late 2005, almost 8 years ago, and in some ways shows how little progress has been made in robot toy design over that time. Although I posted some of this video in 2005, I think it's worth going back and revisiting. The robot, designed by Mark Tilden, was based on a raptor dinosaur and included a number of sensors and programming that enabled it to appear quite realistic in operation. Of course, no one would mistake it for an actual dinosaur. But it's walking gait, movements, sounds, and reactions were really surprising for a relatively low price toy that sold for around $100. In this particular example, we put it into roaming mode and just let it go by itself totally autonomously. To make things interesting, we gave it our dog's favorite toy. Needless to say, our dog, Austin, wasn't going to take this laying down. The interaction and "play" between the two of them was pretty funny and the little insightful. Tilden abandoned more traditional rectilinear/Cartesian design methods in favor of a much more organic and realistic approach. Initially this might seem more difficult, and more expensive to engineer. But the results speak for themselves.
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